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Quailities Of A Righteous Mother

Aug 13, 2004

A righteous mother, before marriage acquires education and knowledge, learns and observes principles of good living, builds a high moral character and preserves her maidenhood.

• After marriage, she practically lives the ideal qualities imbibed in her by her parents. She adores, pampers and beautifies every relationship, all the feelings and values of her in–laws as well as understands their pains & problems.

• She does not discriminate, while covering and concealing the shortcomings of her own parents or of her in-laws.

• She cheerfully performs all the household chores as her duty, responsibility and her behavior towards her in-laws is no different from her parental family. Similarly, she cordially establishes brotherhood and harmony with her neighbors and also always helps the needy.

• An ideal mother never indulges in materialistic race and jealousy of winning-losing or more-less of possessions. She distances herself from complaints and accusations and never boasts of her parent’s wealth and status. Nor does she ruin her precious time and money in exhibiting her expensive clothes and jewellery, rather engages herself in doing constructive deeds and in reading benefiting books.

• For an ideal mother, equality of gender does not mean taking revenge from her husband and making him do the household work. Instead she comprehends the physical sensitivity and womanism and recognizes her responsibilities also very well. As Will of God, she directs her womanhood towards a purposeful living.

• She endeavors to establish and enhance a mental and spiritual relationship with her husband before the beginning of a physical relationship so that a perfect womb/land is prepared for the growth of their offspring. Also she persuades and encourages her husband towards spiritual living so that his contribution in the birth/origin of the child be also pious-better.

• Even before conceiving the baby, she consciously strives to diminish her vices and increase her qualities. She recognizes and realizes the limitations and obligations of her house, family, society and religion and puts in her best efforts in their improvement and accomplishment.

• An ideal mother, owing to the enlightened and transformed brain, understands humanity, spares herself from the expectations and the discriminations of a male or female child. Thus, as a result, the upbringing of the child is bestowed without discriminatory feelings.

• During all those 9 months of pregnancy, she gives priority to ideal company, good and healing music, benefiting and enriching books, humanitarian thoughts and always lives in high spirits.

• During her pregnancy, she eludes herself from the thoughts of jealousy, hatred, revenge, criticism, arguments, shouting, anger, shrewdness and all other vices. Instead of all these vices she understands and lives the principle of “forgive and forget” which ultimately affects her child. She avoids scary, suspense, sexual movies and novels.

• For spiritual transcendence and character building, she tries to be in the company of practical and pious/religious people. Instead of wasting time in useless gossiping, she adds to her knowledge by reading biographies of high-spirited characters.

• An ideal mother acquires maximum knowledge and awareness about her own as well as her child’s health through medical science. After which she focuses more on rich diet, regular exercise, walks and adequate rest.

• An ideal mother puts special efforts to establish and maintain a cordial atmosphere in the family because a tense atmosphere reflects badly in the family as well as in the ultimate nature of the child in the womb.

• An ideal mother takes utmost care that the child may becomes an ideal personality alongside getting proper academic education. She not only prefers academic education but also sincerely concerned that, idealistic qualities and spiritual thoughts also penetrate deep in the child’s conscience.

• She does never tell her children about the ills of her husband rather, inculcates values of contentment, cooperation and teaches them to ignore the ills of others.

• When her husband comes back after the day’s work, an ideal mother does not tell him about the ill treatment meted out to her by her in-laws in his absence, because this ultimately demoralizes him.

• An ideal mother enjoys and loves to prepare food by herself at home and cherishes in serving the food herself instead of going to parties and eating where they get readymade and junk food.

• She does not indulge herself in unnecessary spending for just showoff and makes her children also understand this, so that they may also restrain themselves from wasting money and in performing rituals of birth-death, marriages, dowry etc.,

• An ideal mother adopts every good norm to become a successful lady of her house. If circumstances of her family needs, she is ever ready to go out to do some job and utilize her education and wits to help her family financially.

• An ideal mother, instead of getting frightened and cursing circumstances because of an emergency or mishap in the family, stands boldly and also consoles her family members. She doesn’t let the family to shatter and is wholeheartedly ever ready to help them in every way. If need be, she does not hesitate to dispose off her jewelry so that the financial problems are sorted out.

• An ideal mother covers her body properly with simple and decent Clothes. She thinks that nudity is lack of intellect, thus she decorates her conscience with more and more intellectual knowledge.

• She does not indulge in superfluous rituals, magical thoughts and superstitions.

• An ideal mother never hates others because of their different faith, belief and religion. She loves and respects every one without any kind of discrimination. She is very firm in her own religion and faith and makes her family fully aware about their own faith. She teaches them caring and sharing too.

• An ideal mother takes a strong stand, fights boldly against the social evils and helps her family to attain the transcendent stage.



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