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Purpose Of Life As Per Sikhism


Jan 10, 2008
Thankyou aad Ji.

I thought I asked for the writer of the above piece of writting, did I!!!:)

Anyway, thanks a lot.

It is very nice on the part of the poster if a source is provided. I request the poster of the thread:

Please indicate 'Source is unknown' if you dont know or remember from where you got it.

Otherwise it seems like you are trying to gain name and fame at the cost of other people's hard work. Somebody spent time and used their intellect to create such a wonderful piece, I think they deserve some credit, if you dont know the source Please say that the source is unknown.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks a lot.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Putting the source in also gives other forum members a reference. They can bookmark the reference and have it handy. It could be s source that they want to use later for another reason.

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