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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    To say the puppies have made a difference is an understatement. The house is more so full of love than before, in an effort to make Dan and Virgil not feel left out, there is copious amounts of love being thrown everywhere, everything looks beautiful.

    I have thrown my shorts away, and paired up my socks. The house has had a good tidy, the shop has had a good tidy, and yesterday the painters were in repainting the front. My connection is strong, one must not take these things for granted, I am blessed, blessed with seed planting, and the sprouting of those seeds brings forth a consonance I have not felt for a long time.

    Love, compassion, patience, empathy, honesty and truthful living, yes, I can confirm that they bring happiness.

    Of course the key is to see whether such contentment can remain when the same do not bring pleasant results, and I am sure circumstances will test this in due course, at which point, I feel we have an obligation to be just as happy, is obligation the right word? duty, uhm dont like that word, faith, yeah faith works.

    Faith that good things are going to happen? no faith that if you do your best by Bani, everything that happens is good, whether you can see it or not, the faith that provided you live by Hukam, nothing bad can happen, even it if seems bad. The sun shines the next day, time truly is the most precious commodity that exists, what will we do with that time, will we go round in circles chasing dreams, or just simply follow the Hukam, and find the inner strength to accept the will of the Creator, and do the bidding of the Creator.

    Today I feel truly blessed, but could it really be that simple? that obvious? that all every addict needs to do is to forget his/her own will and give up daily living, thinking and speaking to Creator, and after a while, the hold is gone, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is moot, no more chasing the dragon, this seems too easy!
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