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Legal Punjab's Senior Judges Fail Test For Promotion

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
August 2, 2011

Punjab's senior judges fail test for promotion

August 02, 2011 10:48:50 PM

Monika | Chandigarh

Even some judges do not know law. This is what a test for promotion of judicial officers has proved in Punjab and Haryana.

Senior judges in Punjab have failed to make the cut through a law examination, meant for deciding their promotions.

At least eight senior judges in Punjab have failed to qualify for the suitability test for the promotion from sub-judges to additional and district and session judge, as per the results declared recently.

The situation is no good of the judicial officers in the neighbouring Haryana, though comparatively better than Punjab. In Haryana too, three senior judges flunked the promotion test.

In a history of sorts, the senior sub-judges, who have failed to qualify the test, will now function on the same post along with their juniors, who have been promoted after clearing the suitability test.

On the other hand, the “unsuccessful” sub-judges were due to be elevated as additional district and sessions judges on account of their seniority if the said suitability test had not been held.

In all, 45 candidates appeared for the 15 posts of additional district and sessions judges in Punjab, while around 24 candidates appeared for the test for eight posts.

Considering the performance of the senior judicial officers in both States, a senior high court official said, “The results should not be interpreted that the judicial officers in Punjab are not well-versed with the law, as compared to their Haryana counterparts. It is just that the judicial officers in Haryana are taking this test more often and are more conversant with the examination process.”

Also, the official did not rule out the possibility of “luck-factor” in the final outcome of the examination process.

Punjab and Haryana High Court conducted these tests in May this year. The test not only tested the knowledge of law of the judicial knowledge but also the general knowledge and other things.

For the tests, the candidates who appeared from the two States were three times the number of posts.

source: http://www.dailypioneer.com/357863/Punjabs-senior-judges-fail-test-for-promotion.html



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