India Punjab School Boycotts Gang-rape Victim

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Punjab school boycotts gang-rape victim

By Rohan Dua, TNN - Feb 9, 2013, 03.24 AM IST

CHANDIGARH: A 14-year-old victim of gang rape in Bathinda, facing boycott by her government school, peers and neighbours, has written to the Punjab state women commission in details that have shocked its officials. The letter, a copy of which is with TOI, begins with the girl referring to herself as "a wretched member of society".

"Benti hai mere badnaseeb nadaan kudi walo... je mai apne naal hoye ais atyachar da badla lawa...ta mainu ki sammanit kiya jayega (Would I be honoured if I, an innocent little girl, were to take revenge for the crime against me)," the letter begins.

The letter was sent on February 2 to the National Commission for Women (NCW), nearly three months after she was gangraped, on October 14 last year, in Ramphura Phul tehsil of Bathinda. She was stopped from going to the senior government school in Bhagta Bhai due to ostracism. An FIR was filed on October 20 and six accused were arrested.

The girl writes in detail how her dreams to scale new heights in academics and become a panchayat head are now shattered. "Main class eight ch padi si, par kudrat noo mera agge padna manzoor nahi si (I was studying in class eight but destiny did not favour me)," she wrote.

"The SHO refused to attend to my father's complaints for six days until there was some intervention by a local leader who watched the news on TV," the letter said.

She even invokes the Akal Takht, seeking intervention from the priests. "Hai koi Guru Nanak da Sikh, je mainu wapis mera khoya zameer ta bachpan dila sakda" (Is there a Sikh in this state, who can help me get my pride and childhood)." The letter concludes with the girl signing herself off as 'zinda laash'.

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

FROM: Janta (Sweden):

This is an utter disgrace - that a young girl who went through such a terrible ordeal and humiliation is now being shunned by her own society - her school, her fellow students and neighbours. They should all hold their heads in shame and pray that they should never fall victim to such a crime themselves. At a time when people around her should act with the utmost sensitivity and compassion, they instead act like a pack of a dogs. What is Indian society coming to ? What has happened to the values that I was once led to believe characterised the Indian psyche. In our haste to become a 'big-player' on the global scene, in our rush to become modern and embrace all that the technological world has to offer and launch ballistic missiles and make plans to go into space, it seems that we left something behind. Somewhere along this road to modernity we lost something from our hearts and minds and we would need to go back to find this. All of us, we need to take a good hard look at our selves from time to time and do a reality-check. Our humanity is defined by how we treat others around us, not how we interact with machines. We could be naked apes playing around in the jungle, but if we treated members of our society with all fairness and showed compassion and empathy to our fellows, then I would consider even that to be a civilised society.

- the times of india

From: mandeep singh (Melbourne)

Its a very unfortunate situation. Ashamed that it happened in my home country. Ashamed that it happened with a girl living among Sikhs. Lets see how many Sikhs come forward to help her. Lets see what the Akal Takht does. Lets see what the politicians do to help her. I feel ashamed, shattered, restless and helpless. Shall do my best to let organisations know abt her. Someone please come forward and help her.

- the times of India


Soul_jyot: So far not a word from the Badals or Akal Takht !