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India Punjab Newsline Survey: 74 Percent People Think SAD-BJP Govt Is Corrupt

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Punjab Newsline Survey: 74 percent people think SAD-BJP govt is corrupt

Punjab Newsline Network
Wednesday, 25 January 2012
By Sukhpal Kaur

As the Punjab assembly elections are slated for January 30, new issues and opinions have emerged making the battlefield more and more interesting. Punjabnewsline.com has conducted an online survey through public poll on the current issues which have given startling results.

When asked to rate SAD-BJP government, around 74 % of our readers consider the government corrupt and incompetent while 16% fare it better than Congress government. About 10 % feel that this government is not better than the previous government.

One can easily make out from the previous poll that the current SAD-BJP government has been criticized on all the fronts especially due to the corruption. Around 61% readers have agreed to Captain Amarinder’s demand for dismissal of the government on corruption charges while 37% felt contrary and only 2 % could not decide whether Amarinder’s demand was right or not.

When asked about the main issues in the upcoming Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections as always the developmental issues have taken a backstage and only 21% people concur with this issue while majority of 66% feels that the fate of the current SAD-BJP government will be decided on the issue of corruption, crime and non-performance during their regime. As low as 11% think that unemployment and corruption will be the key factors and negligible 3% feel that none of the issues will play any role in the upcoming elections.

The Kabbadi World cup was seen as another attempt by the SAD-BJP government to woo the electorate of Punjab. 67% felt that it is possible to win the hearts of the people with such stints while 28% thought that it might prove favourable to the Badals but 5 % could not decide what will be the outcome of the tournament.

The recent slapping of a female EGS teacher by an Akali sarpanch was definitely considered as a dent in the popularity of SAD-BJP government by a whopping majority of 82 % while as low as 16 % did not have the same opinion and only 2 % were not able to decide the outcome of this infamous slapgate incident.




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