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Politics Punjab Govt Failed To Create Trust Among NRI's For Investment In State: Jagrup Brar


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Punjab govt failed to create trust among NRI's for investment in state: Jagrup Brar

Sunday, 27 December 2009
Asks Punjab govt to revamp rural education system

CHANDIGARH: Jagrup Singh Brar, MLA from Fleetwood constituency in Surrey, Canada, on Sunday in an exclusive interview with PunjabNewsline.com said that Punjab government has failed to create trust among the NRI's for investment in the state.

"The lack of trust about safety of money invested in Punjab has been holding NRI's back from investment", Brar told Punjabnewsline.com during a visit here. He added that NRI's are keen to invest but Punjab is not ready to accept the investment.

The NRI's are keen to invest in Punjab and many families are willing to come back to their native villages. The absence of health facilities in rural areas is another major factor they hesitate to come back. Brar said that in Canada, the response time of ambnulance is 6 minutes whereas in countryside in Punjab, no such service is available.

Brar further said that the NRI Sammelans organised by Indian or Punjab government were having nagative impact rather than creating trust between government and the NRI's. He said that though it was good begining but if government would not fulfill promises made in such Sammelans, no useful achievement can be made. He said that even if state government has taken any steps to facilitate the NRI's, they are not publicised. He welcomed the Punjab government's decision to allow NRI's to get their one property vacated for personla use immediately. He advised to prepare a handbook of facilities available to NRI's because scattered inmformation is available.

Expressing great concern over future of youth in Punjab, Brar appealed to Punjab government to take up immediate measures to revamp education system and work to restore the work culture. He said that youth in Punjab has developed lethargic habits and feel inferior in working with hand.

Brar fruther stated that it was indeed matter of serious concern that education in Punjab was divided into two streams, one for the urbanites and the rich and second one for the ruralites and poor. He said that one can understand the plight of ruralites who comprise more than 75 percent of total population. He was shocked to see that education system in rural Punjab had collapessed and private schools are mushrooming.

Brar said that by 1920, India would have fifty percent young population and this country has the potential to provide one third of skilled work force of World. He regretted that lack of professional education would deprive the Punjab youth of job opportunities available in developed world. He said that state government shall set the system right and set up a department to research about the job avenues abroad.

He also advised the educated youth to make inqueries about status of jobs for their qualification available in Canada before applying for VISA. He said that though Punjabi was necessary but good knowledge of English languate is most important condition for getting jobs abroad. He said that that's why he insisted to revamt education system in the state. He said that without strengthening the government schools, no purpose would be solved. He sought to fix some minimum stanmdard for opening professional colleges to meet the global needs. He said that in the last years, the number of students reaching Canada has declined and many students from South India were arriving.

Jagrup Brar also raised the question of adequate infrastructure and atmosphere for the handicapped people in Punjab. He asked where are the handicapped people of Punjab ? He said in Canada they see lot of handicapped people walking and shopping on wheel chairs. He said that unfortunately the handicapped people in Punjab are confined to their homes. He appealed to Punjab gopvernment to make it mnandatory for every building plan to have ramp for the challenged people.

He is also keen to meet Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal.