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Sikh News Punjab CM Dedicates Theme Park In Memory Of Sahibzada's To The Nation

Jul 10, 2006
Punjab CM dedicates Theme Park in memory of Sahibzada's to the nation
21 December 2006

CHAMKAUR SAHIB (Ropar) On the concluding day of the historic Jor Mela to perpetuate the memory of two elder Sahibzadas Baba Ajit Singh and Baba Jhuzar Singh and 40 Sikh martyrs , the Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh today dedicated the first phase of the Theme Park at a cost of Rs.27 crore to the nation on their 302nd martyrdom anniversary.
Talking to the media persons here on the occasion, Capt. Singh said that he was happy to inaugurate the first phase of the theme park and the remaining two phases would be completed by the end of next year. "Akalis and SGPC were supposed to build up these memorials but they did not take any initiative in this regard on the other hand we constructed four commemorative gates at Fatehgarh Sahib to commemorate the martyrdom of younger Sahibzads and a unique Mukta-e-Minar (the tallest Khanda in the world) in the memory of 40 Muktas at Muktsar", asserted Capt. Singh. He however said that they had not done anything special rather performed their duty as a humble servants of the Panth.

The Chief Minister said that to set up a theme park was a unique endeavour of the state government to showcase the different facets and various aspects of Chamkaur Sahib - the greatest name of chivalry in the history of the humanity. The unique and unprecedented martyrdom of these two Sahibzadas along with 40 Sikhs left an indelible mark in the annals of history thereby making a supreme sacrifice at the altar of duty and righteousness – the Dharma. He mentioned that this theme park was not merely a monument but a vital link to apprise the Punjabi Diaspora settled abroad with their glorious and rich cultural heritage and legacy.
Regarding the Badal's criticism on the financial package announced by Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh during his recent Amritsar visit, Capt. Singh said that Badal was the biggest liar and misleading the general public through his malicious and political motivated propaganda. Capt. Singh clarified that our government would issue advertisements in the press to highlight the highest ever financial grant of Rs.22,637.80 crore received from the Prime Minister so far during last two and half years in the history of Punjab to apprise the people about the land mark projects approved by the Prime Minister to be undertaken in the state. He said that on the other hand Akalis could only managed a grant of Rs.50 crore from former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee for the 300th anniversary of Khalsa Panth out of which they only spent Rs.43 crore and swindled Rs.7 crore for the reasons best known to them.

Replying to the another question about the state wide agitation launched by the teachers of the private aided schools for pension, Capt. Singh ruled out the possibility to grant pension to the teachers. He clarified that the state Government provides 95% of the recurring expenditure to the selected private institutions, though the responsibility to manage and run these institutions was squarely of the private organizations. He said that the government had already conceded their three demands including merger of 50% D.A. and recruitment of teachers. The Government had already decided to set up a Statutory Trust to manage the fund of the private aided institutions in the year 2001.
On the proposed Defence University in the state, Capt. Singh said that it would be set up at Patiala as the Ministry of Defence had already approved and selected the site. He said that formal announcement would be made soon by the Ministry of Defence in this regard as the project was in the advanced stage of implementation.

Later the Chief Minister presided over the Punjab Livestock Heritage Fair-2006 organized by the Department of Tourism in collaboration with Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Dairy Development. In his address Capt. Singh said that since this livestock fair had evoked tremendous response from the people and it would be made a permanent annual feature on the pattern of Pushkar Mela during the Jor Mela. He said that Punjab had a traditional and rich heritage of horses and horse riding was an ancient and prestigious sport amongst the Punjabis since time memorial.

Source:PunjabNewsline.com - Punjab CM dedicates Theme Park in memory of Sahibzada's to the nation



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