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Project to provide people with a safe way to learn about sexuality

Apr 1, 2019
We sikhs are supposed fight for the benefit of all humanity not just are fellow Sikhs.
This project isn't just to help those following the ambrosial path laid out by Nanak.

Let me start out by introducing myself and explain why I have chosen this as my fight.

When i was 12 my brother's then Girlfriend tried to force me to have sex with her. in never progressed to penetration because I was too naive to realize it was sexual an she lost interest when she couldn't "Rape" me. It wasn't until we where walking home and she told me that If I told anyone she would she I raped her that I realized anything was wrong. My rape(I don't like using that term but languages change and "rape is about power not sex" and what I experienced was the same power that any other rape victim suffers from) I was a sex addict until my early 20's and I don't know what would have happen to me if the furry community did allow me to explore me sexuality safely online. I'm no longer the injured little boy but I'm still a little boy. and I free safe being that little boy while still being sexual in the furry community. THose people that didn't allow me to be a sexual being while I was under 18 not only prevented me from healing from my trama they actively contributed to it.

I'm not sure how childhood sexuality is handled in India but in the West it's a despicable situation.

The only thing people tell children about sex is that it's bad to be touched in your bathing suit areas. This has been shown to lead children to think their sexual desires as wrong.

Let me quote the experts. "The danger of childhood sexuality" from April 1979 there is no excuse for the public to be ignorant of the issues.

"These new arguments are essentially about childhood, that is to say, about the exploitation of popular sentiment and its spontaneous horror of anything that links sex with the child. "

"This whole campaign about pornography, about prostitution, about all those social phenomena - which are in any case controversial - only leads to one fundamental presupposition: 'it's worse when children are consenting and worse still if it is neither pornographic nor paid for', etc. In other words, the entire criminalizing context serves only to bring out the kernel of the accusation: you want to make love with consenting children. "

"Indeed we may well wonder whether we are not witnessing a use of common-law legislation; incitement of a minor to commit an immoral act, for example, can be used against social workers and teachers. And I would point out in passing that Villerot is a teacher, that Gallien was a doctor even if the acts did not take place at a time when he was practicing his profession; that in 1976, in Nantes, a teacher was tried for inciting minors to immoral acts, when in fact what he had done was to supply contaceptives to the boys and girls in his charge. So the common-law appears to have been used this time to repress teachers and social workers who were not carrying out their task of social control as their respective hierarchies wished. "

"The public affirmation of consent to such acts is extremely difficult, as we know. Everybody - judges, doctors, the defendant - knows that the child was consenting - but nobody says anything, because, apart from anything else, there's no way it can be introduced. It's not simply the effect of a prohibition by law: it's really impossible to express a very complete relationship between a child and an adult - a relation that is progressive, long, goes through all kinds of stages, which are not all exclusively sexual, through all kinds of affective contacts. To express this in terms of legal consent is an absurdity. "

This has sense evolved to the following "Child-on-child sexual abuse is differentiated from normative sexual play or anatomical curiosity and exploration (e.g. "playing doctor") because child-on-child sexual abuse is an overt and deliberate action directed at sexual stimulation, including orgasm. "

The overall project is The Order of Her Noodly Appendage:

The upstander actively confronts the choice of whether to defy immorality or keep quiet and accept things the way they are. As Hannah Arendt has powerfully said about humanity: “It is always possible to say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’” and upstanders are exactly those who want to make decisions about when to say “no” to evil.
The civil courage that characterizes the upstander is, in the words of the founder and first president of Oxford University’s Templeton College, Uwe Kitzinger, “the courage of the non-conformist.” It is the courage that risks social disapproval, the capacity to resist by thinking critically with one’s own mind, and the will to be an active participant in life, not a passive bystander.
Regardless of their differences in age, gender, literacy, religious affiliation, ethnic identity, or wartime roles, upstanders share the bravery to risk their lives rather than commit or be complicit in a crime. When so many other people choose to comprise their morals in order to survive, the upstander’s actions suggest that we must not allow ourselves to be debased by circumstance: To retain our dignity, we must sometimes refuse to live life at any cost.
TOoHNA seeks to develop a complete and stand alone culture, from basics of language( like the “Four Books and Five Classics” of China) to a social institutions that encourage the development and admiration of upstanders.

The next level down is a P2P virtual world system called Alfredo Metatopia, it’s aiming for Second Life avatars meets Roblox simulation creation running on Peer to Peer system based on Solipsis( an early version made the front page of slashdot.) it’s going to be hubbled together from parts of other open source projects. mainly Psychsim, The Ensemble Engine, IPFS and Godot.

It’s going to have game play like Prom Week and Trust & Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot.

The idea is to get people to empathize with people who are ‘other’

The third level down is the first world being build for Alfedo Metatopia, a serious game to give young adults a safe place to explore their sexuality and to teach them The Yes Game .

There is no age limit on Pedophilia, A child that want to have consenting sex with a fellow child is just a bad as a adult that forcefully rapes a child.

The help I'm asking for is encouragement that I'm fighting a worthwhile fight, even if all the ends up happening is I'm made to sit on a burning hot sheet while boiling hot sand was poured over his body at least I didn't just stand by and let it happen.

If anyone is interested in joining me in my fight I could use a programer experiences in C/C++, Python or Rust.

If you're interesting in donating money(to form a corporation and then to hire programers/artists) Email me at cmdrtako@gmail.com for a link to my patreon.

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