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General Professionals Required In Northern England, For Big Seva Campaign/program


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Gurfateh Jio,
I would like to ask a huge benti for ANY sangat based anywhere from Stoke upwards in the UK (i.e. Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Bradford, Leeds).

We are planning a rather large ongoing seva project and I'm looking to get professionals such as:

Fitness Instructors
Health care professionals
Musicians (e.g. tabla, sitar, sarangi, sarod)
Gatka experts

who are willing to help out.
We are looking to build up a small database of volunteers from each area and then implement a seva program to be rolled across the North West/East of the UK.

The seva will be dealing with empowerment of our youth and bringing both young and old back into the fold.
If you think you could help, or know anyone who can help please give PM me back or message me on:


I can then send you an information pack about our plans and what we have in mind.

I'm asking you Sangat Jio to PLEASE help us and join in with this exciting seva opportunity.

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