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Prof Darshan Singh Sends Letter To Akal Takht, Claiming Innocence


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004

Prof Darshan Singh sends letter to Akal Takht, claiming innocence
07 January 2010

AMRITSAR: Prof Darshan Singh former Akal Takht Jathedar who is facing wrath of Akal Takht on Thursday through mailed a letter to Akal Takht claiming that he is innocent and alleged that the persons occupying Akal Takht seat had polluted mind and ill motives against him.

In letter addressed to Akal Takht, Prof Darshan Singh said that to obey the order of Takht he had appeared before 'you' on December 5. However on reaching at the takht he realised that certain persons appease their political masters and they have no respect for the Akal Takht. They are misusing the name of Akal Takht.

Prof Darshan Singh said that in a naked lie, the Jathedar has told the Sikh nation they were waiting for Prof Darshan Singh but he didn't appear before them. They cited this reason to declare him Tankhayia. He said that on December 5 he appeared before Akal Takht as a humble Sikh and submitted his clarification on the controversy over Dasam Granth.

Prog Darshan Singh wrote that he had got strength from Akal Takht that I shall now bow to falsehood and decided not to recognise the letter written to him by Jathedars. He wondered that how long such sinful people would countinue to occupy the high temporal seat of Sikhs.

He said that he is born Sikh and would die as Sikh and nobody can snatch from him the right to be Sikh.He said that he and lakhs of Sikhs in the world are now waiting to evacuate Akal Takht from 'Massa Ranghars' occupying the high seat. He said that we are waiting to feel the freedom.

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