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Arts/Society Prithviraj To Play Sardarji In Mallu Singh


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Prithviraj to play sardarji in Mallu Singh
By: Shekhar H Hooli

After actor Dileep, it is now Prithviraj's turn, Yes! Prithvi will play Sardarji in upcoming Malayalam film Mallu Singh, which will be directed by Pokkiri Raja fame director Vaisakh. The actor is said to be is trying out his hand at humour and and he will appear in totally different get up, which he has never played before this.

Recently, Vaisakh announced that his forthcoming movie Mallu Singh would be a full length entertainer and Prithviraj would play the role of Bobby Singh in it. Bobby is a Malayalee guy, who disguises himself as a Sikh and lives in Punjab. The Mallu actor will appear as a Sikh with turban and long beard in the movie. Prithvi has already done a photo shoot in Kochi in his Sardarji getup. Sources say that he looks fantastic in Sardarji's get up.

In 1998, Dileep essayed the role of a sardarji in Malayalam comedy movie Punjabi House, which was a blockbuster hit film. A few months back, Dileep had worked out a script with Rafi Mecartin. The movie, which has been titled Lucky Singh, will be a sequel of Punjabi House and is expected to release in 2011.

However, sources claim that Dileep is currently busy with shooting for Rafi Mecartin directed another Malayalam film China Town and he will start filming Lucky Singh in March 2011 only after finishing all the works for China Town. Prithviraj is also shooting for his next film Mumbai Police. He is expected to start shooting for Mallu Singh somewhere in the mid of 2011.


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