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President Obama’ Representative Assures Sikhs That They Have An Access To The White H

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by spnadmin, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Guru Gobind Singh Foundation
    13814 Travilah Road, Rockville, Maryland 20850
    Press Release
    For Immediate Release

    [SIZE=+0]President Obama’ Representative assures Sikhs that they have an access to the White House[/SIZE]

    Washington, October 7, 2009: Paul Monteiro, Religious liaison from the White House attended and brought greetings at the 4th anniversary of the Gurdwara building of the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation in Rockville, a suburb of Washington, D.C.
    Paul Monteiro speaking at the celebrations

    While speaking during the Sikh celebrations, Paul Monteiro said, “We want to engage all communities at the same level at the White House and we want to make sure that Sikh community is involved fully with the Obama Administration. That is the vision of President Obama and that is the America that we campaigned for. We want to institutionalize the relationship so that hopefully when we are gone, you will know who to contact in your government. Our job at the White House is to build this relationship so that you have a place on the table.”

    President Barack Obama had named Paul Monteiro as religious liaison in its Office of Public Engagement to make sure religious communities across the nation is fully engaged with the new administration. This is an important post because it is, in Monteiro's own words, the "front door" of the White House — Monteiro is responsible for scheduling events and meetings with religious organizations and denominations as well as passing their concerns along to Barack Obama.

    "It's a privilege to be part of that effort to bring more people to the table," he said.

    He added, “We acknowledge that it was the Sikh community which was the first to be targeted after 9/11. We are also aware of the issues at the airport, service in the military and bullying in the schools. We want to continue to hear from you. We want you to stay engaged with this administration to find ways to solve these issues.”

    “President Obama understands the unique and beneficial role faith community plays in the country. We know that people who are in need come to you before they come to the government. That is the reason President Obama wanted to maintain the faith based office at the White House. Time flies and we have already covered almost a year so siege the moment and get involved.”

    Dr. Rajwant Singh, Executive Director of GGSF, said, “We are pleased that this administration is responsive to the needs of the Sikh community and the Sikh community is equally eager to work with President Obama during these challenging times.”

    Hargurpreet Singh, an official at the Motor Vehicle Administration of Maryland, and Secretary of National Sikh Center, brought to Paul Monteiro’s attention the issue of recent proposed rule requiring people to take off their head covering for driver licenses in Maryland. Mr. Monteiro assured that they are looking in this issue.

    Over 300 people participated in the 4th year celebrations of the new gurdwara building. According to Sarabjit Singh Sidhu, Chairman of GGSF, this white brick building was inaugurated in 2005 and since than it has become a hub for major Sikh activity in the Washington area and the nation.

    Sartaj Singh Dhami, a young Sikh leader congratulated GGSF and also talked about the positive contributions made by Guru Gobind Singh Foundation especially in the lives of young Sikhs in America through its camps and classes. He also elaborated on the educational and enlightening nature of the GGSF’s service and he appreciated the outreach efforts of GGSF in the interfaith communities and the U.S. Government on behalf of the Sikh community.

    He added, "GGSF has specific unique characteristics that Sikh gurudwaras and organizations can learn from, allowing them to be a center of excellence in promotion of Sikhism's code of conduct and youth upbringing.


    Members of GGSF sangat with White House representatives

    GGSF excels in maintaining Sikhism's code of conduct by promoting the faith in a positive way, regardless of how close they may or may not be in practice. GGSF looks for methods to make people feel comfortable of their faith, as well as looks for way to promote it through the American culture of fabric.

    One of the hallmarks of GGSF is to encourage congregants to take the day off on Sikh holy days. this allows for a powerful psyche that their faith is equally represented in the various American holidays that revolve around major Judeo-Christian religious holidays.

    GGSF does an excellent job of integrating their youth in all aspects of the organization. whether it be within the religious service or through various religious classes, GGSF is flawlessly grooming a next generation of Sikhs that are strong fundamentally in their faith and accepting of it."

    Karen Richardson, White House health care representative also spoke at the Sikh event

    Herman Singh, Deven Singh, Sukhi Singh, Amarinder Singh, Parmeet Singh, Paul Monteiro, Mehtab Kaur, Sherman Singh, Dilroop Kaur, Deep Kaur, Jasmine Kaur.
    Paul Monteiro's mother, grandmother, aunt and niece also enjoyed the Sikh hospitality.


    Sartaj Singh speaking at the program

    Rubina Kaur Kang, Suchinder Kaur Kang, Paul Monteiro, Mehtab Kaur, Jasmine Kaur, Sawraj Singh, Ekansh Vinaik.

    Bhai Satvinder Singh and jatha also performed at the celebrations

    pictures by Sarmukh Singh Manku and Gagan Kaur.
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