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Prem Ambodh Pothi - Attributed To Guru Gobind Singh Ji


May 9, 2006
From The Sikh Encyclopedia:

PREM AMBODH POTHI, lit. book of knowledge about loving devotion, attributed to Guru Gobind Singh, but not included in the Dasam Granth, comprises of the life stories in verse of some of the famous bhaktas or devotees. Written in AD 1693, the book has, besides the introductory chapter, sixteen sections, each devoted to a bhakta. In the first part of the book are described the lives of eleven bhaktas belonging to the period from 10th to 16th centuries: Kabir, Dhanna, Trilochan, Namdev, Jaidev, Ravidas, Miran Bai, Karaman Bai, Pipa, Sain and Sadhna.

Bhaktas of earlier periods Prahlad, Dhru, Sukdev and Balmiki are dealt with in the second part. The language of the Pothi is a mixture of Hindi and Punjabi and the verse measures commonly used are Dohira and Chaupai. The book is unpublished and among the known extant manuscripts with slight variation in titles are in the Central Public Library at Patiala, and the Languages Department, Punjab, Patiala.​

What do members know about this pothi?

And is the "Miran Bai" mentioned above the same as Mirabai, some of whose bhajans sound so similar to Gurbani?

Mirabai: http://www.gitananda.org/bhajans/2.html

swarn bains

Apr 8, 2012
firstly it is not juicy. so the publishers cannot sell much like dasam granth. that is why they did not try to put their hand on it. secondly it might have been written in guru Gobind singh's time but not by him. because he was above all those saints. no doubt anyone or everyone can praise them but they were not the same level as the guru was. so he did not need to write in their praise. only entity above him was God. he wrote about it.that means it is not his writing but may be during his period in his own court. possible
Apr 11, 2007
Pothi root. I was associated with the laughing Buddha as my best friend as a kid still friends and I was also played on by a young Buddhist girl as a kid called meena. The ex wife's surname is also associated with Buddhism so although I was born into sikhi its definitely got a lot of explaining to do. The name itself speaks volumes mean! It's nice to have nice roots but my Sikhi in me never thought about a root but about an insaan an individual that never materialised. So who knows where true love resides I ask the akal purakh God and hopefully one day the happy earth replies back to the star's and the moon and the mountains and the rivers but most of all heaven. Where I hear that they make sweet love. Maybe there all so busy enjoying themselves that I just have to leave them all to it. Never was a place for remembrance of God. How many temples how many titles and still they remain as remnants of a piece of something call it software that was once apart of God. So when they talk about holy bloodlines there is nothing holy left in the entirety of the earth when they destroy the true tansformation and essence of love and destiny that's imprinted in one's very own heart. God bless. Waheguru ji ki khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fathe. I wish humanity; All The Best! Just check what you eat who knows what destination it has seen an where the energy is taking you from the plants to birds to the animal Kingdom All giving accounts upon the contents of your information back to the happy earth it hears your shits but if you could only feel it's pain and then they wonder why they strain.
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