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Prayers And Wants


Mar 13, 2013
It was a bright sunny day and the beginning of the week Monday,it was the day for me to go Sees Gang

Gurudwara with one of my friend.This time more than anything it was my sheer restlessness that was

taking me to Gurudwara and i remember yesterday's words from the friend .

"yaar Arsh Baba ji is very dhyalu,ur brother has been bestowed by many things till he started to

come this Gurudwara ,this time around i am sure he will also bestow me the thing i want to ask".

Deep inside i was wondering thinking yeah right God indeed is very graceful ,why not he will grant

me the things i need ,and its not that i am asking just for the sake of asking ,its because i am in

some troubles and and if i expect anything from anyone its HE only.
Before going onto bed i had called up the friend telling him my decision to go Sees Gang Gurudwara

,he agreed right away,and here we are this beautiful sunny morning with mild warm weather.

Removing my shoes for the gurudwara i deep inside was thinking of many things that i could ask from

God when i will do "Matha Tek "
Mandeep(name changed) is right ,maybe everytime i come here i shall ask the things i need the most

from God himself .What is something to be worried about ,i have been spending sleepless nights over

my problems .From today onwards ill jst keep on coming here every once a week with my friend and ask

HIM to help me out of the troubles.More of a less i was carried away with my thought process,was

thinking of preparing a list from GOD

"yaar will it be right to ask from GOD?" a voice inside me shyly questioned

"come on ....he is at the end of the day GOD" if not from him from whom u will ask?"the other voice

came from inside

"hmmm,this seems to be easy,why didn't mandeep told me this before ,maybe if he had told me all

before i wouldn't have to go through sleepless and muddled nights of my problems .He is damn selfish

and he never have the intentions to guide his friend ,but what more to be expected he has always

been like this from childhood.but what more i can ask from god? "

"maybe baba ji bestows my dad with the thinking that his son needs a moterbike and indirectly he

provides me such,than i can roam around the streets impressing girls "

"No No you fool,why asking for less " a voice inside me kind of repelled the thought
"you will always be a person of degradable thinking and not a far sighted one ,in many days you

will be needing a car so why not Car Man."

"Hmmm yeah you are right" i agreed with my voice .

"Oyee!!! uth Hun ithe betha rahenga" my friend held me hand and ask me to follow inside the

before entering the Gurudwara my friend asked me to get some Kadha Prashad to offer .
"hmm,allright so thats the thing which makes God happy,offering this opens a door of wants and

desires or whatever you seek for"

i thought of offering Kadha Prasad worth 101 rs as i knew mandeep had got it for rs 10 and i wanted

my offering to be more than him so maybe god first of all gets happy with me and offers my desires
".Mandeep is selfish enough ,i ll ask god to not grant him his desires this time,in this way i can

pay him back for not telling me all this long back."

I was happy with grasp of fresh air ,refreshing smile and with a twinkle in my eyes as i proceed to

enter into the gurudwara.

many were in the Queue as there was huge gathering waiting to offer what i call maybe prayers or

whatever who cares??till i had my turn for matha tek and carefully present baba ji with all things

i wish for"

it was turning to be a long wait till my eyes fell on one old man just few people ahead in the

queue,There was something on his face that turned my attention on him,an aura a glow that was

captivating as if there was something more to that man.
i was more of amazed by his aura and his personality till my eyes fell on his legs.the feeling of

amazement turned to more of a sympathy and pain as that i realized that man never had legs and was

crippled.i couldn't just hold back my sympathy as he was struggling to stand in the queue with


i forgot everything as i was watching him struggling to move ahead for his turn for Matha tek.He

had no feeling of any pain or struggle on his face,perfectly humming with the beautiful shabad

being sung by the Raggis.
For the first time the sound of the shabad entered my ear.


i could see his lips perfectly singing with the tunes of the Raagi with so much devotion which was

quite evidently on his face .

Eventully his turn came and i couldnt hold myself back to be the first to help him to do matha tek

before the Guru granth sahib.

He intially refused for any help and just asked me to hold his crutches nothing more.
he did matha tek as he was surrendering himself before any KING .
i had hard time controlling my tears as i saw him lying there offering his prayers

"Oh,God i am shameless greedy dog ,with what intentions i have came here to offer you my prayers?

Here is one of your devotee with no legs on crutches probably lots of things to be complaining to

you or seeking from you but instead he is tuning with the beautiful shabad ,saying you will is sweet

as anything to me .
i felt so much guilt that i was having hard time struggling to control my tears ,he could hear the

man saying
"Rabba Shuker Hai Tera,Tu Jo V dita Mai Meri Mang To Vad Dita apne Charnah de Kol Rakh(Oh God I Am

Thankful To whatever You Have Given Me,Just keep Me In Your feets Forever)

At that moment on listening his prayers i had the feeling of so much guilt that i wanted to burst

out crying.

He has no legs ,he cant even walk properly ,has no one with him to help him come gurudware ,he had

all the reasons to complain and ask still such words from him melted my heart so much that i was

full of guilt.

i helped him stand up gave him crutches and asked him can i help him more.he just smiled and humbly

touched my face and said you are blessed to come out here in gurudwara and thanked me and said he

will prefer to go without any help.

my turn for the "matha tek" but couldnt do.So many thoughts came in my mind.oh lord i have been so

sinner that with thoughts of coming to your place with my greed.
Never did i realised what good i have done or what i have given you to ask or even think of such

things from you?

You have given me more than i deserve and how unthankful i am?
nor even once i realised i have so much to be thankful to you instead of asking so much things

i couldnt do matha tek filled with so much guilt as i thought i dont desrved to do matha tek
i stood and started walking out with tears out of my guilt.

i realized so many things sitting there out till mandeep came from behind.

"Haan V Mang Leya?"(have u offered your prayers for desires?)

i smiled at him and hugged him .
"Thanks yaar i got more than what i asked for" i told him as he was happy to know

"ok" mandeep said ."lets leave then "

returning back many things started pondering about the experience.

why should we go to gurudware?

just because of our greeds and the desire to ask?

No there is more to praying

A True Prayer Is Not The One In Which You Ask Anything From God With Desires ,But Is The One In

Which You Thank God For Everything And Feel Your Soul Connected Still Though He Is Merciful And

Knowing Of Heart As He Knows About The Desires Too,
The Connection Itself Is A Bliss Than any Desire,Thats Why No Avtar Or Persons Of Highest Intellect

ever asked Anything From God For Any Selfish Reasons
Trusting God Just For Desires Is Foolishness And God Is Smart Enough To Be Fooled ,
As Guru Arjan Dev Ji Says "Dont Waver Your Faith O Foolish If You Haven't Got The Thing You Desired

From Him,What If All the Other Things That Has Been Bestowed To You been taken Back"

Prayer Is Connection Not An Art Of Going To Religious Places And Asking Desires From Him Nor He can

Be Bought By The Money You Offer To Him , Trust God Not For Desires But For His Bliss
"Hukum Razai Chlna Nanak Likeha Naal",many instances Where gurus reminded us To learn To Walk And

Live In The Will Of God And Be Merry In That,
Guru Arjan Dev Mahraj While Sitting On Hot Plate Says Tera Bhana Meetha Lage Instead Of Asking

Desireful Prayers

Take A Time Thank God ,You Will Receive Much More Than You Actually Need

Arshdeep Singh




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