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Prayer During Akhanda Paath Sahib

Aug 19, 2005
Fremont, California
I believe that we should not pray in the same room as the Paath is being read, because Guru is speaking and teaching us. We should not interrupt Guru Ji's reading. If you want to pray, do it in another room. Some gurdwaras have extra rooms where Guru Ji is.

People pray Mad Ardaas, halfway between the reading of Akhanda Paath. Why? They even recite Anand Sahib ang 719. This is wrong, because the bani is already being read. Anyway, Ad Pooran mad Pooran is not in the middle of Guru Granth Sahib ang 705. This middle is ang 715. And many times Ad Mad Ant is listed in Guru Granth Sahib

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