Prakash Utsav


Sat Sri Akaal,

Focus is on Shabad Prakash Utsav Celebration of Illumination.

Prakash Illumination: Imagine a world without sun, moon and stars. The life will have fears, doubts, ignorance... Once light appears there is faith, confidence, research....But without the inner awareness there is darkness within self. So a few (rare of rare humans have done inner research), and and given jewels of Words ie Bani (Prakashit) to humanity, but humans need to get education and apply to live live of faith, confidence and satisfaction. Bringing compassion, love, peace and happiness.
Understand Live Gurus Bani

Je Sau Chanda Ugwe Suraj Chareh Hazaar
Outer illumination may be high

Eite Chanan Hundian, Gur Bin Ghor Andhaar”
Even with so high outer awareness, without following basic principles to understand Banis Word, there is inner darkness, and one is without faith, confidence, and satisfaction.

Understand and Apply gurbani, to bring faith, confidence, satisfaction.

And live life without doubts, fear enjoying peace and happiness within.

Wishing all Happy Parkash Utsav.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib (463)

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
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Dalvinder Singh Grewal

On Guru Nanak ’s Auspicious Birth

Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal

What a beautiful day today.

You came and showed us new way.

I find none who equals you in this feat.

Travelled entire world to treat

With humility and compassion

You spread God's Name with passion.

Breaking barriers of religion and ritual

Exposing falsehood, showing the real.

Spreading truth and internal cleanliness

You expounded true labour's worthiness.

Equality, Fraternity and Brotherhood

Fostering human love only you could.

You showed how to share what you earn.

There is much more for us to learn.

From your teachings in Sri Guru Granth

Each minute each day each month

We listen and live your given way of life

Thanking God and you even in strife.

May us all be in peace basing this teaching

All beings today should jointly be wishing

Happy birthday Nanak the Guru Global.

A greatest guide a soul so noble.