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Police Break Up Melee At Sikh Temple, Arrest 2

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
source: NorthJersey.com: Police break up melee at Sikh temple, arrest 2

Police break up melee at Sikh temple, arrest 2

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Record

GLEN ROCK — Two people were arrested for assaulting police after a melee broke out in the parking lot of the Sri Guru Singh Sabha, a temple on Prospect Street, authorities said Monday.

Police were called to the scene at about 10:30 p.m. Friday as the altercations began after a congregational meeting.

"Police were called that there was a meeting that was getting out of hand," said Police Chief Frederick P. Stahman. "Our officers responded to maintain the peace."

Police arrived to find about 125 people in the parking lot, some of them arguing over internal differences at the meeting.

"When certain people came out onto the lot they were jumped by unknown outsiders who were not members of the temple &hellip" Stahman said. "Our officers were outnumbered and called for assistance from surrounding towns. The entire melee spilled out into the parking lot."

About 25 to 30 county police and officers from four or five surrounding towns responded to aid the Glen Rock officers, Stahman said.

By that time, the brawl was in full swing.

"There were a lot of people kicking and throwing punches in the parking lot," Stahman said. "People were down on the ground. It was like a wrestling match in the lot, breaking it up. Police pulled people off each other that were doing the assaulting. People were shouting. It was about an hour until everything was calm."

Police arrested Iqbal Singh, 34, of Glen Rock, and a juvenile, 16, for police assault, Stahman said. The police officers were not seriously injured, he said.

Temple officials hired off-duty police to ensure peace at the Sunday morning meeting, which was attended by Stahman and Glen Rock police Capt. Jonathan Miller.

"I spoke and assured the people that the police were there for maintaining the peace and that if there were any re-occurrence we would not hesitate to make arrests," Stahman said.
Feb 19, 2007
Delhi India
Why are the brawls so common in the Gurudwaras? Is it not a place where common Sikhs go for spiritual enrichment and for seeking peace?

Because of the democratic setup of the Gurudwaras, there are definitely bound to be some differences in the administration of the Gurudwaras. That is understandable. But is it necessary to disturb the tranquility and sanctity of the place? Can not the differences be discussed and resolved elsewhere? Or is it necessary to perpetuate the humbug that all the differences should be discussed in front of Guru and in presence of Sangat?

"Waheguru sanu sumat bakshe" (May Waheguru bless us with good sense)