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Learn Punjabi Please Suggest Some Punjabi Movies/tv Shows/music To Listen To (to Help Learn Punjabi)


Jul 29, 2007
Thank you for the reply. But it would be good if you could be more specific.

As there are many that are in Hindi.

Also it would be good to hear what forum members like, as I would like to widen my horizons and build up my knowledge base of good music etc. Like band names and albums...so I can track down individual ones, rather than looking at everything...which at this stage is information overload!

Thank you!


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004

The reply from forum members may be inconsistent, spotty and at times delayed. If you are looking for a quicker and ongoing stream of responses, I recommend you join one of the more popular social networks where they have fan pages and groups devoted to Punjabi media, like songs and movies. There are literally dozens of them on social networks. You would have a steady stream of "friends" too.

The other aids. Search You Tube for "channels" on this topic. Then set up a You Tube account, and subscribe to the channel. YOu will then get an email every time new videos are uploaded.

Final suggestion. Search on Google for Punjabi cultural groups, networks, blogs to see if they have forums on this subject.

Probably you will get more feedback to your liking more quickly.

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