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Please Sign The Petition For Black List Of Sikhs

Mar 11, 2007
Jassi Khangura, MLA for Qila Raipur today announced a webpage and online petition seeking review and reform of the NRI Entry Blacklist. Despite recent denials by the Ministry of External Affairs of the existence of this blacklist, Khangura said “the fact that NRIs are granted visas by India’s missions overseas, then turned away on arrival proves very much that this list is in place”. He went on to say that for most people the issue of India’s national security is paramount, and that the proper updating of this list and how it is compiled would only enhance that security.

The petition is at this link: Edited by Narayanjot Kaur


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
I am curious about one thing. Is this a common practice? That any country will grant a visa at an overseas mission, and then turn the visa-holder away on his/her arrival upon reaching the destination?

I am so ignorant about immigration and visa policies worldwide that this story, which has been in the news for months, continues to be dumbfounding.
Mar 11, 2007
Its happened because of black list ! mr. jassi khangura who is the member of legislative assembly, is working hard on this issue and we should join hands with him for eliminate this black list ...govt of india is thinking seriously on this matter and hope everything will be fine soon. please sign this petition and if you call to mr. jassi khangura to know more then please go to his web site Welcome To Qila Raipur- Find villages map, halka news & rural development in Qila Raipur, Punjab

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