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Movies Phir Ussi Mod Par---talaq

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Movies Phir Ussi Mod Par---talaq


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011

This muslim social takes us back to the era of the nineties when movies used to be embellished with several songs . And the songs in this movie are wonderfully old fashioned , melodious and filled with old world charm . And the actors of the movie are from the nineties too , who used to be regulars on television in the early era of satellite TV . But the topic is current , and it is the issue of triple talaq that has gone to courts and made headlines .

Ruby ( Kanika Bajpai ) falls in love with her childhood friend Shahid Khan ( Parmeet Sethi ) and the two get secretly married . She becomes pregnant with his child , but his father Zahid ( Govind Namdeo ) refuses to accept her as his daughter in law because she is not equal to them in status . Zahid forces his son to give instant triple talaq to Ruby and marry another woman . His goons beat up Ruby and try to kill her . But the daughter born to his son Shahid and his wife is blind , and the superstitious Zahid comes to believe that this has happened because of his sins . But it is too late for regret as Ruby has found solace in another man , a kind man ( played by Kanwaljeet Singh ) named Rashid....

Rashid's mother and a fanatical maulavi however have major objections to the marriage between a pregnant Ruby and Rashid , and Rashid's conservative mother agrees to accept Ruby as her daugher in law only after she has given birth to the child because it is unlawful to marry a pregnant woman in islam . The maulavi is another matter however . He lusts for other young women in the neighbourhood and thus come into clash with the fiesty Ruby who gives him a trashing . His goons burn down Rashid's dairy in revenge and Rashid dies in grief . Ruby is left to fend alone for herself , but she raises her son among all the vicissitudes of fortune to become a well educated young man .

But Ruby's son too follows the path of his real father Shahid and decides to give triple talaq to his wife and marry another woman . So Ruby is brought to face the same problem of triple talaq that had ruined her life and threatens to ruin her daughter in law's life too . But times have changed and the issue of triple talaq has been raised in the corridors of justice . Ruby decides to fight against her son in court to give justice to her daughter in law , and once again is brought face to face with her past as the judge of the case is none other than her son's father Shahid....

So will Ruby win the fight that has her pitched against the religious fundamentalists who do not even want a woman to give testimony in court ? What justice will judge Shahid give to his own biological son's wife ? Watch the movie for the answers .

The movie does succeed in raising the issue of triple talaq in an emotional and impassioned manner . Kanika Bajpai acts well , looking attractive in romantic scenes and suitably distressed in moments of grief . The melodious songs and music brings you back to the era when music was king . The acting is old world and so is the pace of the movie . The movie scores in sentiment and you are left yearning for the times of yore....

The film was the brainchild of Lekh Tandon the director of vintage movies whose influence is to be felt everywhere in the film , from songs to music to acting to the choice of actors . And the influence has done much good to the movie . Judging from the reactions of muslims on the internet , they have been left fuming at the depiction of some fundamentalists in the movie . And their ally the liberal lobby has predictably given bad reviews to the film . Actually the film is better than what they say and was a resounding success at the Berlin film festival .

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars out of five .
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