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Pauri Two

Jun 1, 2004
hukmI hovin Awkwr hukmu n kihAw jweI ]
hukmee hovan aakaar hukam naa kahi-aa jaa-ee.
hukmI hovin jIA hukim imlY vifAweI ]
hukmee hovan jee-a hukam milai vadi-aa-ee.
hukmI auqmu nIcu hukim iliK duK suK pweIAih ]
hukmee utam neech hukam likh dukh sukh paa-ee-ahi.
ieknw hukmI bKsIs ieik hukmI sdw BvweIAih ]
iknaa hukmee bakhsees ik hukmee sadaa bhavaa-ee-ahi.
hukmY AMdir sBu ko bwhir hukm n koie ]
hukmai andar sab ko baahar hukam naa ko-i.
nwnk hukmY jy buJY q haumY khY n koie ]2]
naanak hukmai jay bujhai taa humai kahai naa ko-i. ||2||
Jun 1, 2004
Japji Sahib Commentary/ Translated by Master Teja Singh

Pauri 2

Under the Divine Law the whole universe is manifested, but this law is beyond the reach of words. It is inexpressible. Under the Law all the living creatures come into existence. Under -that Law persons gain greatness. Under that Law some are born high and some low.

Under that Law people get pleasure and pain according to their Karmas. Under that Law some are blessed with the Divine grace, and get freedom from all desire, and the gift of the self - realization. Under that Law some go on passing through endless cyces of birth and rebirth.

The whole Universe with its unlimited and boundless creation is controlled by this Divine Law. sayeth Nanak, he who realizes this Divine Law and becomes at - one -with it, gets intuned with the universal Divine and loses all sense of egoism, mine and thine. He always submits himself to the Divine will, and feels that the whole Creation is infused with the Divine spirit and all persons are brothers and sisters in spirit without any distinction of caste, creed, race or colour. Thus the veil of selfishness is removed and the Eternal Truth, the Divine within and without, is realized. Then one becomes God conscious.

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