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Pauri Tenth


Jun 9, 2004
suixAY squ sMqoKu igAwnu ] suixAY ATsiT kw iesnwnu ] suixAY piV piV pwvih mwnu ] suixAY lwgY shij iDAwnu ] nwnk Bgqw sdw ivgwsu ] suixAY dUK pwp kw nwsu ]10]


Jun 9, 2004
Japji Sahib Commentary/ Translated by Master Teja Singh

Pauri 10

10. Suniai sat santokh gian. Suniai athsath ka isnan. Suniai parh parh paweh man. Suniai lagey sahej dhyan. Nanak bhagtan sada vigas. Suniai dukh pap ka nas.

By listening to the teachings of the Satgur with rapt attention one attains the realisation of Truth, the stage of permanent contentment (remaining resigned to His will under all circumstances), and the knowledge of the Divine within and without (a realisation that the whole created universe lives, moves and has its being in the One-in-all and the All-in-one and is controlled by Him).

By listening to the teachings of the Satguru with rapt attention, one acquires the fruit of bathing in the sixty-eight places of pilgrimage in Bharat Varsha (Hindustan).

By listening to the teachings of the Satguru with rapt attention, one acquires the same amount of respect which a person acquires by years of painful study. By listening to the Divine teachings of the Satguru (without any worldly desire). one acquires, freedom from all at¬tachment, arid his mind remains permanently fixed on the Divine within and without, the all pervading eternal reality. He is intuned with the Infinite in thought, word and deed and rises above all temptation. Sayeth Nanak, His devotees who meditate on His name are filled with ecstacy. Their faces beam with the Divine joy. No pain or sin can touch them. They rise above all pain and sin.

Note : There are very few people who listen attentively to spiritual truths. Being slaves of mammon and hunters after pleasures of flesh, their minds always wander away. The body is present but the mind is absent. Hardly one in millions imbibes the spiritual teachings of God conscious persons or scriptures.

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