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Pauri Six


Jun 9, 2004
qIriQ nwvw jy iqsu Bwvw ivxu Bwxy ik nwie krI ] jyqI isriT aupweI vyKw ivxu krmw ik imlY leI ] miq ivic rqn jvwhr mwixk jy iek gur kI isK suxI ] gurw iek dyih buJweI ] sBnw jIAw kw ieku dwqw so mY ivsir n jweI ]6]


Jun 9, 2004
Japji Sahib Commentary/ Translated by Master Teja Singh

Pauri 6

6. Tirath nawan je tis bhawan win bhaney ki naey karl. Jeti sirthh upayee vekhan win karma ke miley aee. Mat vich rattan jawahar manak je 1k gur ki sikh suni. Gura 1k deh bujhai. Sabhna jia ka 1k data so mai vissar na jayee.

In this Pauri, Satgur Nanak deals with the common practice of bathing in the sacred tanks and rivers at the various centres of pilgrimage, and declares that a mere dip in a sacred tank or a river without His grace is of no avail.

Note :- His grace can only be obtained by selfless service, meditation on the Divine name, singing hymns in His praise and leading an honest and truthful life.

When I cast a glance on the whole created Universe, I see that without good Karmas of the past lives one cannot get anything. The present life is the fruit of the past.

Law ofKarma :- The transmigration of the soul is a scientific reality. By meditating on the Divine name daily, and by doing Hari Kirtan and selfless service to mankind, one comes to know all his past births and rebirths through the four Yugas. Weighed on the balance of reason the law of transmigration becomes clear. Some are born poets, warriors, math¬ematicians, musicians, and seers. These developments come to them from their past lives.

The impressions of all the Karmas good or bad are made on the Anteh-karan (mind). They form a part and parcel of one's life and come with him in the next birth. Now the good karmas give their reward, and the evil ones bring their drawbacks with them. The good karmas bring a man in the sphere of Satsang (the company of God conscious persons) and evil karmas lead him astray. By following the path of meditation on the Divine name one can eradicate the effect of all evil karmas (see note pauri 20).

Weighing and fixing in one's mind the priceless jewels and precious stones of vairag -non attachment to the worldly pleasures, jawahar -the power of self-realization, manak-listening to the Guru's teachings with rapt attention, and then scrupulously acting upon them are all latent in the human mind. They are revealed when one attentively listens to the Satguru's teachings and implicitly obeys them.

Through the grace of the Satguru I have realized that He alone is the Bestower of all gifts to the whole creation. Every moment I feel His presence within me and I live, move and have my being in Him.

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