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Pauri Four


Jun 9, 2004
swcw swihbu swcu nwie BwiKAw Bwau Apwru ] AwKih mMgih dyih dyih dwiq kry dwqwru ] Pyir ik AgY rKIAY ijqu idsY drbwru ] muhO ik bolxu bolIAY ijqu suix Dry ipAwru ] AMimRq vylw scu nwau vifAweI ivcwru ] krmI AwvY kpVw ndrI moKu duAwru ] nwnk eyvY jwxIAY sBu Awpy sicAwru ]4]


Jun 9, 2004
Japji Sahib Commentary/ Translated by Master Teja Singh
Pauri 4

ln the created universe He is the Eternal Reality, and controls it through His never changing Divine Law. His name is also true. Countless persons filled with illimitable love and reverence call him with various names, and beg from Him all kinds of gifts. He bestows them to all.

Now what shall we present before Him, that He may reveal Himself to us ? What sweet words shall we utter, that on hearing them He may bestow the gift of His love on us?

Ans. All the worldly gifts, we beg from Him and He gives them to us. By returning these to Him in the way of offerings we cannot gain His love, Who is the giver of everything. By so doing, we only save ourselves from being ungrateful. The only thing that can gain His love for us and bring us to the realm of self-realization (God consciousness) is to get up at least three hours before sunrise, meditate on His name and then sing hymns in His Divine Praise.

Note -The time fixed by Guru Nanak for meditation on the Name is three hours before sunrise. Some persons ask what is the need of taking this trouble ? Can't we meditate on the Divine name at any time of the day ? By all means meditate day and night, without losing a single moment. But getting up three hours before sunrise has its own significance.

Mankind may be divided into two parts:

(a) Those who follow the path of hunting after physical enjoyments and satiate their sensuous and sensual appetite, and

(b) Others who follow the path of looking within, doing righteous actions, and meditation on the Divine name.

Now, every person radiates His magnetism for good or evil, and these vibrations aflect the minds of all.

The persons who follow the path of worldly pleasure wake up till two or three in the morning and then go to sleep. After that their dark or evil vibrations become dormant and the atmosphere gets free from their debasing tendencies. On the other hand all lovers of God to whatever caste, creed, race, or colour they may belong, getup early and meditate on the Divine name. They radiate Divine waves which help all the early risers.

The time is free from all noise and turmoil, and the whole nature silently revels in the Divine glory. Nature and the Eternal Divine are in complete unison. This harmony enters the soul of the early riser and fixes his mind on the Divine name.

After taking rest at night one becomes fresh and can meditate on the Divine name with a sound mind and sound body. The peace of mind and the spiritual uplift which a man attains by meditating on the Divine name in the early hours of the morning, keep him buoyant and unattached in the daily struggle of life. He does his duty without being enslaved by the daily temptation of the world.

Those who meditate on His name with worldly aims (Sakar vasana) attain them in the next human birth. But those who go on meditating and singing His praises without any personal desire, and depend wholly on His grace, get the gift of self-realization and freedom from birth and rebirth. Sayeth Nanak, 'O' searcher after Truth know that He is the All-in-all and the only True reality. The whole universe is His manifestation.

Gur Satgur ka jo sikh akhai so bhaIke uth har Naam dhiawai. Udam kare bhalke parbnati ishnan kare Amrftsar nawal. Updesh Guru har harlap lapai sabh kilwikh pap dokh leh lawai. Phir chare diwas Gurbani gawai behndian uthdian har Naam dhiawai. Jo sas giras dhiae mera har har so gursikh guru man bhawai. Jisno dyal howai mera soami tis gursikh Guru updesh sunhawai. Jan Nanak dhoor mangai tis gursikh ki jo aap japai awreh Naam japaveh.(Guru Granth Sahib, Page 305).

He who calls himself the disciple of the Satguru must wake up early in the morning (three hours before sunrise) and meditate on the Divine name. He must shake up all his laziness, take his bath, and meditate on His name.

As taught by the Guru he must meditate on the Gur-mantra "Wahegur" and thus erase all the impressions of the wrong karmas (actions) he has done in various births and rebirths. Then at day dawn sing hymns in His praise. The Sikh who every moment keeps his mind fixed on the Divine name is dear to the Satguru The Satguru showers his grace on him and shows him the path of at-one-ment (blends the Sikh with himself). Nanak begs the dust of the feet of such a gursikh, who himself meditates on the Divine name and directs others to do so.

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