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Passion For Sikhi

Aug 14, 2004
WE don't have neither right nor wisdom to judge anyone; leave alone you. May Waheguru bless you with outer-Rehat of a 'Khalsa' while strengthening your inner-rehat day by day.

Just remember, the outer appearance of a person is reflection of his inner-self. When all other emotions - anger, happiness, sadness, disappointment etc. show on our face and dictate our behaviour (we choose bright & nice dress up when happy and do not care to dress up when sad) ; similary inner-rehat is reflected in our rehini and pehrava. Bana and Bani are not exclusive of each other.

Having knowledge is different than putting that knowledge into action. We sing almost daily "Tum maat Pita, Hum baarak Tere" but ask anyone if they have accepted Guru as Maat-Pita. NO, we still use our Mann-Matt and think that 'I' am doing all to run my life. It is His 'khed'; He has created this 'ego' in us and only HE can remove it. The only part that we can play (as I understand it) that we do 'Ardaas' and ask for 'Uddam'. May Waheguru bless you with 'Uddam' to take that first step and start following orders of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji for Sikhs. Saabat-soorat was His person claiming to be beleiving in Sikh Gurus can deny that.


Jul 11, 2004
Excellent post ji,

Since, you brought up Ardas, I had a question I've been meaning to ask..

Can people just change Ardas as they go along? At my cousins wedding, a year ago, they removed the words "Kesh dan" from and my brother speculated that because the groom's side was entirely Monay, besides him. He was a mona before, but it had become a point that if he wanted to marry our cousin-sister, he had to become a sardar. (It was actually her statement that he follow those guidelines, not ours, she told him he had to do it).

So the question is, if I don't like something in Ardas I can change it just like that?
I know Ardas wasn't written or created by our Gurus and all that...but I still thought it had relation to everyone on a Panthic level?
Aug 14, 2004
WaheGuru ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru ji ki Fateh

First of all, please forgive me for not being able to give you reference to what i am going to write down. The following part of the 'Ardas' can't and should not be altered in anyway....this is integral part of Ardas, no matter what occasion the Ardas is for -


Ik Ongkar WaheGuru Jee Kee Fateh
Sree Bhagautee Jee Sahaaye
Vaar Sree Bhagautee Jee Kee
Paatshaahee Dasveen

-Pritham Bhaguatee simar kai
Gur Nanak layee dhiaaye
-Phir Angad Gur te Amardaas
Raamdaasai hoye sahaaye
-Arjan Hargobind no
Simrau Sree Har Rai
-Sree Harkishan dhiaaeeyai
Jis dithe sabh dukh jaaye
-Teg Bahaadur simriyai
ghar nau nidh aavai dhaaye
sabh thaa-een hoye sahaaye
-Daswen Paat-shaah, Saahib
Sree Guru Gobind Singhjee
sabh thaa-een hoye sahaaye
-Dasaan Paat-shaahiyaan kee
jyot, Sree Guru Granth Saahib Jee
Maharaaj ke paath, darshan deedaar ka
dhyaan dhar ke, Khalsa Jee Saahib, bolna

The ardas following it is eliminated when people say 'personal' ardaas or chhoti ardas for the 'sukhaasan' sewa.

As far as intentional elimination of 'kesh-daan' in following is concerned.

Sikhaa(n) noo(n) sikhi daan, Kesh daan, raYhatt daan, bibayk daan,
visaah daan, bharosa daan, daanaa(n) sir daan, naam daan, siri
amritsar ji day darshan ishnaan, chau(n)kiaa(n), jha(n)Day, bungay,
jugo jug aTall dharam ka jaYkaar, bolo ji waheguru.

It is not meant for individual family or one person. It is meant for 'Khalsa' (Guru de Sikh) & we do 'benati' for all of the above daily. We are only human & seek His blessings on daily basis to keep up with the Rehat. So S|kh ji, I would have not changed the Ardaas because family was 'mone' fact begged for kesh-daan for them too. We beg 'sarbat da bhalla' & I beleive begging for 'Sikhi' for all can't be a mistake.

Bhul chuk maaf karna ji

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