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Parodoxes In SIKH Philosophy. Time To Remidy It !

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by hps62, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. hps62

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    Dec 8, 2005
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    Dear SPN boys and girls


    I have an observation you must answer it.

    ! ) When Umayyad Muslim Arab army led by Muhammad bin Qasim conquered Punjab, and the present day Pakistan from Kashmir to the Arabian Sea, in 713. The predominant population of Punjab, and the rest of currant Pakistan, converted to Islam ( Wikepedia encyclopedia)

    2 ) Led by Maharaja Ranjit Singh the province came under Sikh control from 1799 to 1839. The Sikh dominions spread across both the current political borders of Pakistani Punjab and Indian Punjab. ( Wikepedia encyclopedia )

    Why was there no conversion back to Sikhism/hinduism. If the law of that time was that the population follows the religion of winner then we should have reverted back to our own religion.
    Was this the greatest blunder of Maharaja Ranjit Singh .

    This medevial middle east philosophy gets a sounding beating from the wstern philosophy all the time .

    After there thrashing at there hand there they try to come to our mother land Punjab/India and try to foment trouble and capture our land . We must tell them we are no cake walk when it comes to defending our Philosophy ie Sikh/Hindu (the tolerant people that we are).

    This would have then followed the famous "Principle of symmetry " which is used in all field of human knowledge today. The most advance theory of human known today the string theory uses this principle . Any thing not obeying this principle is generally not true. ?

    Is there some thing assymetrical about sikh philosophy which needs correction.

    ( The son of punjab is now an adolescent and dares to ask his forefather's uncomfortable questions ! )

    Imagine an united Punjab under one flag indian national/ Khanda. Its each citizen equal to Alexander the great

    To quote Alexander the great In a letter to his mother he wrote, "I am involved in the land of a leonine and brave people, where every foot of the ground is like a well of steel, confronting my soldier. You have brought only one son into the world, but everyone in this land can be called an Alexander”. ( From wikepedia punjab encyclopedia)

    Are we victims of conspiracy / bulling because we are young philosophy and still on a learning curve or is our philosophy weak compared to Islam in that it does not respect the laws of symmetry.

    If today also Punjab is captured you will be converted to muslim.

    Is this the reason we have lost Kashmir, Sind , and now in not so near future Assam , UP .

    1 ) I know we believe in one God and it does not matter by what name he is worshipped. For us a Muslim and Sikh are same . But this cannot be at the price of snatching away our land our people by some medevial philosophy of middle east.

    If our philosophy is correct that there is no difference between human beings then no muslim should drive / discriminate against any Sikh/Hindu .

    If our philosophy is true then why have Sikhs been driven out of Pakistan in 1947 / and out of Afghanistan today in 2006.( Afghan Sikh Community Dwindles at sikhnet)

    Does this may mean we will continue to loose our own land and keep becoming refugees in different parts of world.

    Let us change our philosophy and align it to a basic mantra of " Nisch kar apni jeet karo ". What ever it takes.

    I think this is the right time 2006 .

    We have a Sikh PM and a Sikh chief and a favourable world opinion. The only sad thing is that both of them are from the west Punjab genome the genome which lost there land for obvious reason to invader ( cowardice , laziness and elitism ingrained into there blood , they are not true khalsa spirit) .

    An east Punjabi genome would have been a better choice for these powerful posts. At least we can still request President Bush to correct this asymmetry in our philosophy .May be the west punjabis can redeem themselves then of there Sins as per Sikhi ( being Lazy & coward ).

    ( References :-- It's Time for an American Foreign Legion (March 1, 2006)
    The US armed forces are stretched thin because of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Washington currently does not plan to introduce a draft, as that would cause massive opposition from the US population. Defending US imperial ambitions, a retired military officer claims in this International Herald Tribune article “all superpowers from ancient times turned to mercenaries to defend their interests.”
    Struggling for Recruits, Army Relaxes its Rules (February 20, 2006)
    According to this Boston Globe article, the US army drastically eased its recruitment restrictions to attract more people. Several criteria on fitness and weight have been relaxed. The army has raised enlistment age for active-duty Army recruits from 35 to 40. High school dropouts have been allowed to enroll in an Army-sponsored program to help them earn their equivalency degree, which candidates need to join the US army )

    Army Faces a Major Officer Shortage (April 8, 2006)
    According to this Express News article, the US Army will face a severe shortage of captains and majors in the coming years. Many commanding officers want to quit the Army because of straining, multiple deployments due to the ongoing occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. The US Army tries to stop this development by offering large bonuses for re-enlistments and by promoting young officers faster. This shows that the US forces are already stretched thin.)

    I feel we must seperate our philosophy from our religion .

    Our philosophy must give us fore site so that we are ultimately able to fullfill our vision of God that is AKAL PURUKH that is we becoming timeless.

    We must not loose what is rightly ours. We may not seek converts to our religion or practise conversion ; because it is in final run it is meaningless . But our genomic stock and land should not be just robbed from us.

    Punjab can then return to its lost glory.

    Loosing a battle and having your people converted and then winning it again and handing it back on platter to the looser is like a fool Prithviraj chauhan.

    It also makes equal charges of foolishness against Mahraja Ranjit singh valid. He lacked vision in time. See how soon his kingdom fell after his death.

    Secular with secular people and a hard core religion with a religious fanatic of middle east.

    Remember nothing is a fait - accompli and final . As per currant scientific theory of spacetime you can move front and back in time .We can possibly remidy our past ancestor mistakes.

    Our Punjabi genome and land should no longer be subjugated to the middle east medieval philosophy.

    I some time wish Our Head Priest could go and attend a class in Vatican under the Pope . To learn the art of survival rather than hobnobing with the kind of Advani/Bajpyee who have lost there states to Islam that is Sind and now UP.

    Let us learn from Israel which has unlawfully unsurped land from its rightful owner the Palestenian . We are not unsurping any ones land we are only reclaming back our boys and girls back and our land.

    We will have to make corrections for this dream to be fullfilled.

    1 ) Truth comission in Punjab like south Africa had after apartheid to heal the wounds of 1980's.

    2) Taking other chieftians of India into confidence

    Maharashtra :--- Pawar/ thackery
    Bihar :-- Laloo yadav
    Bengal :-- Basu
    Tamil nadu : amma
    UP :- maya devi
    MP :- Hermitic Devi

    With the wishes of the super woman Srimati Sonia gandhi we can make this world a safer place.

    No risk of then getting nuked out for our future generation , no terrorism no mediveal thought. A secular way to life where God is a personel affair. After all we Indians and sikhs dont take up arms for the fun of it.

    Is this the moment .
    Is there a leader amongst us who can rise upto to the ocassion

    Wahe guru ji tha khalsa wahe guru ji the fateh.

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