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Discussion in 'Sikh Youth' started by Jazz, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Jazz

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    Apr 28, 2005
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    As I was asked, I am asking ... Can anyone please point out any guidlines from our dharam about the relationship between parents and their children?

    In particular, I remember when as a child, a relative once told me about the time one of Guru Nanaks sons questioned him about Guru jis instruction to him, something about a shoe and a tree or something .... the 'moral' I was told was not to question ones father (parent).

    My understanding is that we are to, try and understand our parents, to respect, love, and follow the guidelines set by them. To obey 'without question', that I may have issue with.

    can anyone comment please.
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  3. drkhalsa

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    Sep 16, 2004
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    Dear Jazz

    As per my current understanding for a sikh who is spirtually attuned then his Parents and siblings ( Mata, Pita ) sieze to exist as sperate entity and all is Akal Himself and guru ji conforms to this is thier bani
    Tu mera pita, Tu hai mera mata,
    Tu mera bandhap,tu mera bhraata,
    Tu mera raakhaa sabhnee thaayee
    Ta bhav ke haakaara jiyo

    Tumhari kirpa te tudh pachhaana
    Tu meree oat Tu hai mera maana
    Tujh bina doojaa avar na koyee
    Sabh teraa khel akhaara jiyo
    Tu mera raakhaa sabhnee thaayee
    Ta bhav kehaa kaaraa jeeyo

    Jeeya jant sabh tudhu upaaye,
    jit jit bhaanaa {censored} {censored} laayey
    Sabh kichhu keeta tera hovey
    Naahi kachhu asaaraa jiyo
    Tu mera raakhaa sabhnee thaayee,
    Ta bhav kehaa kaaraa jiyo

    Naam dhiyaaye mahaa sukh payaa,
    Hari gun gaaye. Mera man seetlaaya,
    Gur poorey vajee vaadhaayee,
    Nanak jitaa bikhaaraa jiyo
    Tu mera raakhaa sabhnee thaayee,
    Ta bhav kehaa kaaraa jiyo

    So in our life both parents and kids show draw guidlines from Gurmat and it hardly leaves a place for personal guidlines

    About respecting parents it also os very important issue for a child as it is spirtual Kindergarden for kid when he can see his parents caring for him , providing him for every need without asking for return and so in higher spirtual classes this lesson help him understand his relation to the All Preveding Lord ( Mother+Father) which provides for everything to everyone .

    Jatinder Singh
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