Panthic Crisis: Akal Takht Defied !

Panthic Crisis
Two outside Takhts defy Akal Takht
Varinder Walia
Tribune News Service

Amritsar, June 18
An unprecedented Panthic crisis has been created in the Sikh Panth with the clergy of Takht Patna Sahib and Hazoor Sahib openly defying the directive and Gurmattas, passed in the meetings of Akal Takht on June 6.

The situation seems to have reached a point of no-return since the Sikh clerics of Punjab have stopped inviting jathedars of both Takhts and took a diametrically opposite stands on the Maryada (Sikh code). Takht Patna Sahib and Takht Hazoor Sahib have already rejected the Nanakshahi Calendar, approved by Akal Takht and SGPC, and continue to recite the Dasam Granth.

The crisis has developed at a time when the Sikh community and different Panthic organisations are busy in chalking out programmes to mark the tercentenary celebrations of the Gurta Gaddi of Guru Granth Sahib in October.

Members of the Sikh community all over the world are of the view that if the jathedars of all five Takhts have failed to resolve their own disputes, it will be difficult for them to solve the problems being faced by the Sikh community.

Most of the problems arose as the Jathedar, Akal Takht, failed to give proper leadership to the Sikh high priests. This was why the community was divided on almost all Sikh centenaries, celebrated during the stint of Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti as Jathedar, Akal Takht.

Various Sikh organisations had been accusing Jathedar Vedanti of passing controversial edicts/directives in the meetings of Akal Takht. It is said Jathedar Vedanti remains on foreign tours most of the time and gives less time to affairs of Akal Takht. Serious allegations were levelled against his personal assistant and relative, Prithipal Singh Sandhu.

The Panthic circles are of the view that the current division between Sikh clergy of Punjab (Akal Takht, Kesgarh Sahib and Damdama Sahib) and two outside Takhts (Patna Sahib and Hazoor Sahib) would cause irreparable damage to the age-old Sikh institutions. The meeting of Takht Hazur Sahib has clearly announced that directives issued from Akal Takht without the presence of the representatives of all the five takhts won’t be acceptable to the Sikh Panth.

The meeting of Akal Takht, held on June 6, had imposed an undeclared ban on Jathedar Iqbal Singh from attending the meetings and called upon the Sikh Panth to reject all the controversial edicts issued by him (from Takht Patna Sahib).


I just wonder, can't they just call meeting with moderators and solve problems? They should deal all these things in very civil and Gurmat way and if they fail, they should be replaced with those who can solve such problems. Today all of these spiritual leaders are acting like ego inflicted persons that also proves they are not fit for these positions.. This also leaves very poor impression of spiritual leaders of our religion on sikh sangat. I feel strongly that the politics has gone too far into Akaal Takhat and other Takhatas.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
To tell the real TRUTH..the Five Takhats have NEVER been on the same wavelength at all..Not from day one. Hazoor Sahib and Patna Sahib have always been different - they are NOT under the Gurdwaras Act/SGPC Act that governs all historical Gurdwaras and Takhats in Punjab/Haryana.
2. The two Takhats have ALWAYS followed a HEAVILY BRAHMINICISED Maryada like AArtees/ringing Bells (Tallis), having lighted thaals etc etc as is done in Hindu mandirs, have a parallel Paraksh of Bacittar Natak Granth ( also called dsm granth), taking Hukmanams from it, having akhand paaths/sehaj paaths etc from it just as from the One and Only GURU- SGGS. On top of that they have always had large PICTURES of Gurus palced prominently in Darbar sahib where peopel who matha tek to SGGS also do matha tek to the pictures. Mnay other anti-Gurmatt practises are part and parcel fo these takhats maryadas.
3. From Day one the SGPC/punjab Takhats have NEVER called these two jathedars for any meeting of the "Five"...its always been the Akal Takhat/Keshgarh takhat/ Damadam Takhat and TWO Granthis from Harmandir Sahib to make up the FIVE HIGH PRIESTS !!
4. ONLY AFTER 1984..when Maryada in the PUNJAB also began to slip badly from the SGPC Maryada...with lighted Jyots, banis read at amrit sanchaar, etc etc and all, did the SGPC begin calling the Hazoor sahib and patna sahib jathedars to Make up the FIVE....but still NOT that Often. Always the Five were "topped up" by adding the Granthis of Harmandir Sahib...One Jathedar Pooran Singh of Luv Kush Fame even had his own set of FIVE assembled at PUNA from where he issued a Hukmnama by he even left out the Keshgarh, damadma takhats !!
All these moves have POLITICAL UNDERTONES...subtle moves to ERODE the Takaht IMAGE that Siksh have in their hearts and minds...and this latest CHARADE is meant to completly DESTROY that IMAGE..what Indira gandhi did in 1984 was just destroy the PHYSICAL BUILDING..Now after 24 years the SECOND PHASE of this Nefarious Plan - PLAN B is in operation...destroy the Takhats in the Hearts and Minds of Sikhs.
Now even those sikhs who staunchly "defend" the Takhats have to hang their heads in Shame and cannot say a single word...they are reduced to MUMBLING softly.....Guru Kirpa kareh ??? They used to say its not about Vedanti and his bad decisions...its all about Akal Purakhs and His Takhat....Now they too are lost for words..

Das just wants to put a clarifcation about so called Paralell Prakash of Shri Dasham Granth Sahib Ji.

Das has been repeating and will repeat over here that at both the Takhats planquine is lower and smaller.It was only Mahant Maula Singh who removed the Prakash of Dasham Granth Sahib from Akal Takhat.
Reason was that it is told that Dasham Granth Sahib Ji were writtan by Guru to let Sikhs know about faith of Hindus,Due to this book Singhs were questioning the logic of Guru's sending Nirmalas to Kashi(which Nirmalas say was also the same purpose).

Nirmalas once went to Hajur Sahib and tried to remove this text from there and they were killed and thrown into Godawari(it was during Nizam's time).Further some Nirmalas doubt the sarbloh Granth Sahib also.Anyway das personal idea for formation of Nirmalas could be break the myth of brahmins that if vedic chant is entered into ear of lower caste,molten lead should pouered into it else breach of faith.Guru Ji just wanted to break this tabbo and he succeded and he only succeded but later Nirmalas got hinduisd.

Then regarding the name as Vachitar Natak Granth.(name has been Dashami Granth or Dasham Patshah Ka Granth) Kindly see the link below.

Ç <> vwihgurU jI kI Piqh] Ç
Historic Beerh of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib

A glimpse of the contents from the rare beerh of Sri Dasam Granth compiled in 1755

(1698 A.D.), one year before the formation of the Khalsa. The date when this
historic beerh was compiled is written in the introductory paragraph. This beerh is
preserved at Takhat Sri Patna Sahib. It is noteworthy that Guru Gobind Singh Sahib’s
bani Zafarnamah which was written in 1704 A.D., six years after this beerh was
compiled, does not feature in this beerh. Also noteworthy is the name of this granth that
appears on the top, “Patshah Dasven Ji Ka Granth” (The Granth of the Tenth Master).
The first paragraph is transcribed below:
Ç <> vwihgurU jI kI Piqh] Ç
Historic Beerh of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib





1755. imqIAswVbdI1

igRMQiliKAw: qvpRswid



Then coming to powers of Akal Takhat Sahib,well Badal has not only made Punjab his fiefdom but also SGPC.And that person is hardly a Sikh.He follows Asutos Ji maharaj,who did thrird year trainging in RSS but was kicked out due his immoral conduct in foregn country.

this remind tzar,tzarina and resputin.(russian revlution).

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
the Media is having a field usual...anything to make the Khalsa look low...
Its hardly abattle of the Takhats..its just a skirmish between the PUJAREES.....who is stronger ?? Main na manu !! NONE of the PUJAREES are of any worth...
And now the Jhootha Sauda rascal has relighted the fires just to make sure the GURTA GADEE DIWAS Clebrations dont get off to a Satisfactory conclusion..Dhoorr wich tatoo !! Now a few more "kamaljeet singhs" will be martyred.and FORGOTTEN...while the politicians WIN WIN WIN..and the PEOPLE>>LOSE LOSE LOSE. Period.

Gyani jarnail Singh
In this entire fiasco, only Giani Kulwant Singh ji, Jathedar of Takht Sri Hazoor Sahib has come out looking like a decent leader who actually thinks before making decisions. He seems to be the only one who is not a career politician.
To be honest, one can clearly see why so many are defiant against 'religions' in the simplest use of the word. There is so many more struggles that people are left to battle on their own, this shows how humans can taint all that is good, by traveling away from the Source that can guide them