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    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ki Fateh!

    Can some one please refer me to a reference on Panj Takhats as to why, when, and how and by whom were these established? I have searched the web.

    Jagjit Singh Teji
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    I know for certain about the fifth takhat 'Talwandi Sabo' which was added later in 1950s. Giani Gurdit Singh used to tell me how the idea of Fifth Takhat was floated and how he was one of the key persons to get it approved from Akal Takhat and SGPC. The main idea was to create a center for religious development in Malwa belt and Talwandi Sabo was considered as best since Guru Gobind Singh Ji had declared it as 'Guru ki kashi'; like Benaras (center of learning of Hinduism) the center of learning of the Guru's teachings. Now it has a Sikh religious institute for teaching and research in Sikh religion; three universities i.e., Gur Kashi University, Akal University and Central University. Even Maharaja Ranjit Singh Technical University and Adesh Medical University are not far (near Bathinda) though these universities except Akal University are not centered around Sikh religious teachings .
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    Never really understood why there are takhats.. Guru sahib 6th master created the structure and it (metaphorically) speaking travelled with him..

    They seem like a creation to formalise and legitimise the ideas of the Singh sabha movement.. Which when unable to create a single 'Vatican' like entity under the SGPC in AMRITSAR was forced to acknowledge different centres of spiritual and temporal authority.. Since then Akal takhat as an institution has seamlessly been coopted into the political framework of a institution and party SGPC and SAD. without any questions asked by the panth..

    Akal takhat hukumnamas are issued, proclamations etc etc . But no one asks where that authority came from... Who are these people who speak on our behalf. Who made them leaders.
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