Pag/Turban Material

i have always bought full voile. anyone know about f76 material. is it lighter than full voile. here is the link.

Link to commercial site is removed. Question has been rephrased in next post. Apologies.spnadmin
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I don't know anything about it. Also the posting of a commercial link is usually not allowed. I will leave this thread in place. However, sites should sign up to be advertisers.

I have rephrased your question to, "Has anyone ever used paag material that is lighter than full voile? I found a site that sells it but am not sure if I want to purchase any material like that without feedback. The site is f 76 Our Punjab"


Re: Paag Material

I myself use a full voile cloth material; but I guess Malmal is lighter and fits more length into less volume.
I know of a person who uses Terry Rubia, which although soft is a bit too tacky and a bad choice for beginners.
There are 3 main common types of dastar material. Mal Mal, Full Voile and Rubia.

Mal Mal Dastars (also known as F74) are the thinnest and lightest of the main three types of Dastar material. Full Voile Dastars/Turbans are slightly heavier and thicker. Rubia dastars are the heaviest and thickest of the three.

Hope that helps.