SALDEF Outreach Events Empower Sikhs Of Atlanta

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Jun 17, 2004
Outreach Events Empower Sikhs of Atlanta

Outreach Events Empower Sikhs of Atlanta
As part of our ongoing effort to educate and empower the Sikh American community across the country, SALDEF recently conducted two events for the Sikh community of Atlanta, Georgia.

Outreach Event with US Attorney at SEWA Gurdwara

On August 12, US Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, Sally Yates, joined Sikh community members at SEWA Gurdwara. In her remarks following diwan, Ms. Yates spoke highly of the Sikh commitment to justice and equality. She also reaffirmed her commitment to serving the Sikh American community, stating, “I work for each and every one of you.” Following langar, Ms. Yates met with local community leaders and youth representatives to discuss issues affecting the community. As the US Attorney, Ms. Yates, a presidential appointee, represents the federal government in US district court and US court of appeals. This is the second event US Attorney Yates has participated in this year with SALDEF to better understand the needs of the Sikh American community.

Know Your Rights Forum at Sikh Study Circle

On August 14, SALDEF conducted a Know Your Rights Forum in cooperation with the Sikh Study Circle of Georgia. Over 120 community members participated in the event. Representatives from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Justice, and Georgia Department of Education spoke to community members about their rights and the resources available to them to combat discrimination and unfair treatment, as well as engaged in a lively question and answer session. The forum gave sangat members an opportunity to gain a better understanding about their rights as citizens and residents of the United States, and connect with local and federal officials, who are tasked with protecting those rights.

SALDEF would like to acknowledge Jagjeet Sidhu and family, as well as Gulbagh Singh Basi and Gursharan Singh Pannu for their support in making these events successful.

If you and your community would like to be similarly informed about your rights, please contact SALDEF at

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