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World Osama Bin Laden Is No Jihadi Hero

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

May 14, 2011

Osama bin Laden is no jihadi hero

Khushwant Singh - Hindustan Times

May 14, 2011

The killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad Cantonment did not bring a single tear in my eyes. In the last nine years, his al Qaeda wreaked havoc in many countries including America, England, Spain, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Indonesia. Their pretext was they were serving Islam; instead
they brought Islam into ill-repute and did it grave disservice.

The way his American killers went about their job in tracking him down in a palatial house in Abbottabad Cantonment, killing him and dumping his body in the sea so tha
source:t his grave would not become a place of pilgrimage for the admirers, speaks well for his killers. I refuse to believe that the Pakistan military chief did not know his living in the Cantonment. Pakistan also wanted Osama dead but was not willing to do the killing itself. Instead it willingly compromised its sovereignty by allowing a foreign government to do the dirty job on its soil. It is because of the aid Pakistan gets from the United States. It can ill-afford to upset its chief patron.

What bothers me most is how Muslims the world over will take Osama's killing in an Islamic state. He had acquired the status of a Jihadi hero and now dead that of a martyr who laid down his life for the cause of Islam. I fear that Muslim religious institutions like Dar-ul Vloom and Al Azhar will accord him the status of a martyr; following that so will the Muslim masses. That will be a sad day.

source http://www.hindustantimes.com/Osama-bin-Laden-is-no-jihadi-hero/H1-Article1-697618.aspx

Pakistan After Bin Laden
Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/14/opinion/14sat1.html?_r=1&ref=global