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Sikh Foundation Opportunities & Challenges For Sikh Academics

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Sat Sri Akaal!

We are happy to be part of this forum community and hope to contribute interesting and thought provoking additions.

The Sikh Foundation of Palo Alto, CA has taken on a new look and added some interesting and inspiring new features.

We introduced a new orginal series that focuses on the Oportunities and Challenges for Sikh Academics.

Each month one article will be written by a Sikh Studies professor and the other by a credible community member.

So over a period of time, we should receive a detailed understanding of the activities of the educators, their interests, challenges, opportunities, teaching approaches and future plans, while the educators would become aware of the desires and priorities of the Sikh community.

As well as known and creditable community members, who have a deep interest in the subject, have been invited to write about subjects and issues important to the Sikh community.

So far our articles include:

Sikh Scholar’s Activities

  • Ten years at UC Santa Barbaraby by Gurinder Singh Mann, Ph.D.
  • My Unforgettable Experiences Related to the Field of Sikh Studies by Professor Pashaura Singh
  • My Journey to Sikh Studies by Dr. Jaideep Singh
  • Academia and Sikh Tradition: Unique Opportunities by Dr. Rahuldeep Singh Gill
  • Sikh Diasporas within India: My Journey with the Sikhs by Prof. Himadri Banerjee
  • Investing in Sikh Studies: Rewards and Challenges for a New Generation of Scholars by Dr. Purnima Dhavan (most recent)
Community Thought’s

  • Challenges for Sikh Studies in the Academia by Ajeet Cour
  • Reshaping Ivory Towers into Towers of Learning by Dr. I.J. Singh
  • On Being a Sikh by Dr. Nirvikar Singh
  • Role of Chair Holders in Sikh Studies: A systemic view by Dr. Raghbir S Basi
  • A Student’s Perspective on Sikh Studies by Ajeet Singh
  • Personal Narrative on a Journey to Sikh and Punjab Studies by Dr. Shinder S. Thandi (Most Recent)
Please come by and read about the experiences of these inspiring people.

We hope you enjoy this series

The Sikh Foundation
Sonia and Miz


1947-2014 (Archived)
Wonderful! I hope that we receive periodic updates. Perhaps these could even be included in our SPN Calendar.

I have been an admirer and reader of your web site for a long time. High quality publications and wonderful resources for Sikhism.

Aman Singh

Gurfateh Miz and Sonia ji,

We are truly delighted to see SPN's association with The Sikh Foundation. And we look forward to a mutually learning and uplifting experience. :thumbsupp:

Thank you!
Aman Singh