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India Open Alliance Of RSS, Sikh Politicians And Sadhs (Part 1)

Jul 10, 2006

Open alliance of RSS, Sikh Politicians and Sadhs (Part 1)
Sunday 6th of August 2006
Panthic Weekly News Bureau

Front cover of RSS Maganize 'Sangat-Sansar'
Note picture of Baba Deep Singh Ji and Guru Arjan Dev Ji being used for Hindu propoganda

The RSS-Mann Pehowa nexus revealed
AMRITSAR SAHIB (KP) - Despite the ban on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and its offshoot Rashtriya Sikh Sangat (RSS) by the supreme seat of Sikh authority, Sri Akal Takht Sahib, members of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Prabhandhak Committee, and other so-called Sikh Parcharaks, politicians and Sadhs continue to intermingle with the anti-Sikh organization and attend thier functions.

In a memorandum released in July of 2004, Sri Akal Takht Sahib instructed the Sikh Nation to boycott both RSS organizations due to their anti-Panthic activities and agenda.

In recent issues of 'Sangat Sansar', the official mouthpiece of the Rashtrya Sikh Sangat, photos and advertisements of prominent 'Sikh parcharaks' and politicans are shown patronizing the anti-Panthic Sangh.

Bhai Guriqbal Singh (Amritsar) and psuedo-saadh Mann Pehowa
Bhai Guriqbal Singh Mata Koulan Ji Bhalai Kendar (charity) Amritsar, receiving and presenting saropas to RSS leaders. Followers of Mann Pehowa (a rapist Sadh) watch in the background; according to the RSS, the function occured with the 'blessings' of Mann Pehowa.

Translation of caption :
As directed by the Rashitriya Sikh Sangat to join together (sanjhivalta) with all the sects (vargh) and blessing from Shirmoni Sant Baba Mann Singh (Bhevevale) at the two day occasion of the Dashmesh Celebrations, Bhai Sahib Bhai GurIqbal Singh of Amritsar gieving a “Siropa” to Shri Panna Lal ji who is the planner of Rashitriya Sikh Sangat - Southern India, along with advocate Shri Rakesh Mahajan.

Note, Maan Pehova is the same rapist sadh who was exposed in PW duing his failed trip to California, see :

Lecherous Baba Mann Pehowa Exposed: Col. GS Sandhu and

Pehowa Wala runs again

Giani Karnail Singh 'Gareeb'

The US based Karnail Singh Gareeb, is an RSS favorite, whose name is being suggested as another candidate for the next Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib if Joginder Singh Vedanti was to be sacked. Karnail Singh was invited by the Sangh during the Vaisakhi of 2006 as covered by PW in it's article :

RSS attempts to distort 'Vaisakhi'

Translation of caption :
In Patiala, respected Rajpal Shri Amolak Ratan Kohli getting honoured by S. Rulda Singh, respected Bhai Sahib Giani Karnail Singh ji Garib(From USA), S Baldev Singh President of Kundar-Distt, S Sohan Singh ji, S Gannajan Singh, S Surjit singh Bakshi.

Translation of caption :
In Patiala respected Rajpal Shri Amolak Ratan Kohi with Rulda Singh, respected Bhai Sahib Giani Karnail Singh ji Garib (from USA), S Kulvinder Singh (N.R.I) President Shri Madanlal Goyal and other respected members.

Note : Rulda Singh of the RSS on right hand side in blue dastar.

Advertisements in RSS magazine by Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Prabhandhak Committee members :

Advertisement in RSS magazine by Secretary General of DSGMC.

Advertisement in RSS magazine by Ex-President of DSGMC and VP of BJP

To be continued, with more photos and information on RSS's infiltration in Sikhi in our next edition...

May 24, 2008
The current situation is very clear , on one hand is RSS backed Sikhs like PS Badal most SGPC members most Saadhs claimimg to follow SGGS & on the other side are Sarna ( DSGMC ) & members , ( so called ) Panthic groups like Dal Khalsa , Communist ( so called Panthic ) Spokesman newspaper & allies like Kala Afghana , Ghagga etc & countless so called RADICALS who r Congress touts . Actually there is no institution which is free from this groupism , also there is no OTHER group today someone who is truly free from Congress & RSS , Sikhs have to choose between the bigger danger & lesser danger ( based on one's own individual understanding ) because both are dangerous for Sikhs today both r sides of same coin ( u can say that ) both r actually very very similar though looks they r really very different .

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Dalbir Singh Ji,
What you say is correct.
MY Grandfatehr used to say in the early early days...Congress and JAN SANGH are two sides of the SAME COIN -...not many knew this at that time...only in 1984 when the BJP was the first to congratulate Indira Gandhi for Bluestar..did it dawn on many that this is true....BOTH are the SAME and have the Same "destination" - annihilation of SIKHS as a "force" in india. Advanis life my country placed this proof in print before everyone.
That is why no matter who rules at the Centre..ANTI_SIKH and ANTI_PUNJAB policies remain in place...BJP works thru its own ways and means..Congress has its own...and the SAADHS etc feature strongly in BOTH PLANS. The Badalites are SOLD and maybe secretly even Radhasomai/etc...Certainly they are NOT SIKHS. The Akali dal is competley subservient to BJP..the Sikh Institutions, sgpc etc are under the RSS thumb.
The other Akalis are just a bunch of jokers with no backing and lack in commendable credible leadership....the ROT is almost UNIVERSAL...KOI HARIO BOOT RAHIO there any green TWIG in the Forest Fire raging in Sikhism/Punjab ?? Hardly.:}--}:


May 6, 2011
if u people can caovey something that get on to the facebook and make a group of sikhi and gather as much sikh as u can and do something together in large number...nothing will hapen by talking here...WJKWJF


May 6, 2011
if u people can convey something than get on to the facebook and make a group of sikhi and gather as much sikh as u can and do something together in large number...nothing will hapen by talking here...WJKWJF

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