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Leisure Okay, So I Am Trying To Sing In A Different Language

Harkiran Kaur


Jul 21, 2012
Yes this is me!!... my pronunciation is not 100% yet, so pls don't be harsh on critique haha. And I know its not traditional... but I play guitar and sing, so I wanted to try to put them together. But is it worth working on this at all?? It's actually a version that Qi Rattan did, but this is all me... guitar and vocals both.

Nov 23, 2010
You have a lovely voice. Have you considered learning harmonium or perhaps dilruba or esraj?

My wife and I are learning kirtan. Some of the Sangat have taught us what they know. My wife is taking lessons with a western music teacher who has helped us score some shabads from recordings we have. I take tabla lessons twice a month from a young man in Mexico City that plays Hindustani Classical music. there's a shortage of gurmat Sangeet intructors here.
Here's two links with some good info.

Harkiran Kaur


Jul 21, 2012
Thanks guys!

I admit I am a little shy about my pronunciations haha I admit, having a Canadian accent makes it difficult!

As for instruments... I want to learn sarangi... it has the most haunting sound to me... but I don't think its really an instrument you can sing to while playing. Harmonium as I said I just find 'harsh sounding' but I actually can play piano a bit... perhaps a keyboard with piano sound rather than the accordion like sound? But then, that would also be not traditional... but I have heard a keyboard used and it sounded awesome!

Here is the one I am talking about:

I could play what she is playing easily...

Harkiran Kaur


Jul 21, 2012
I think Harmonium would be easy, and there are a lot of Kirtan resources available for Harmonium in print too.

If you have any experience with piano at all, harmonium would be easier as its only one hand instead of two (yes you are operating the bellows with one hand however thats not the same as concentrating on a melody and harmony with two hands while playing piano)

For me its just I dont find harmonium to be soothing... its more a harsh sound. I guess same reason I dont really like the sound of an accordion.

Piano however I like the sound... and guitar. Traditional instruments I really like sarangi but I dont know if my fingers can take it as instead of holding down the string, you run your finger under it so the bottom of your nail where it attaches is what is being used... and it looks like it could be tender! But the sound is haunting like human voice... also I like saranda but it is missing something from the sound of the sarangi. Maybe I could play with my fingers taped... lol


Nov 4, 2011
Wow, your really good.
I was listening it with my closed eyes it's very relaxing.
After I looked up the meaning of what you're singing, it became even more relaxing.

It took me some time to find out the english translation.
For other people like me who don't know gurmuki.

Here is the translation:
Rakhe Rakhanhar Aap Ubaarian
O Savior Lord, Save us all and take us across. Uplifting and giving the excellence

Guru Kee Pairee Pa-eh Kaj Savaarian
You gave us the Touch of the Lotus Feet of the Guru,

Hoa Aap Day-aal Manho Naa Visaarian
You have become Merciful, Kind and Compassionate. And so our mind does not forget you.

Sadaa Janaa Kai Sangh Bhavajaal Taarian
In the Company of the Holy, you carry us Across from misfortune, calamities and disrepute.

Sakat Nindak Dusht Kinh Ma-eh Bidaarian
The Godless, slanderous enemies - you finish them off in an instant.

Tis Sahib Kee Taykh Naanak Man-eh Ma-eh
That Lord Master is my Anchor and Support. O Nanak, hold firm in my mind.

Jis Simrat Sukh So-eh Sagal Dukh Ja-eh
Remembering Him in meditation, happiness comes, and all sorrows and pain simply vanish.
Akasha ji thank you for providing us such a wonderful kirtan.
Looking forward to hear more kirtan in your voice.

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