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Oh Well Thats That Then!

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    The howling is over, its over because I sat Sian down and illuminated her with exactly what it entails, both mentally and physically, where it leads me, where my thoughts wander, lets just say she was not hugely impressed, I am not sure how many men sit their wives down and make a full disclosure of where their thoughts wander and what fills their mind, but I would not recommend it, although as a way of getting closer, it is without doubt a good way depending on how you howl.

    Why? because I am getting to old to live duplicate lives, but hey ho, these are the smallest of my thoughts at present,

    Spot the ferret died on Sunday morning, we took him to the vet on Saturday, he was crying, they wanted to put him on a drip and keep him in, but Sian took the second offer of antibiotics instead, it was still just under a £100, she put him in his cage in the upstairs toilet where it is warm, She found him Sunday morning, dead, hard, stiff, his face frozen in a grotesque death mask, the pain was visible to both of us, Sian, without fuss, wrapped him in a towel whilst talking to him, saying the same things I have heard her say many many times before, its all over now little one, its all over now, she placed him gently next to his father, Charlie, in our freezer, we will get them cremated once the finances are better,

    Sunday was spent after that here in the shop, plenty to do, got home late, straight to sleep, back here for 6.30 this morning, got a call around 5 to say Rory had hurt his leg, rushed home, it had already been a testing day, but I had managed to pay all the wolves at the door, bar £130 which I had in my pocket, opened the door to find Rory with his leg at a strange angle, it looked pretty broken to me, I picked him up and walked to the car, Sian was convinced it was not a broken leg, but all I could see was Spots contorted face in my head, 20 mins later the vet confirmed an abscess and an hour later we were on our way home with Rory back on his leg and £130 poorer, which begs the question if you saw God right now what would you do? bow? kiss his feet? tell him how wonderful he is? compose a song in his honour?

    A Christian chap has just left the shop, I asked him the same question, I got the standard Abrahamic answers, he asked me what I would do if I met God, I replied that I would probably take him to the vet, get his foot lanced, and give him a big cuddle and a hug, kiss his nose, and then go back to my shop to pay for it.

    I must stop meeting God like this, its costing me too much money
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