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Aug 18, 2010
World citizen!
This is an interesting campaign and I would be interested in your thoughts.......


Background info:-

Guru Piarey Jio,
Just like Dhan Guru Hargobind Sahib ji, the destroyer of armies, the warrior Guru, the liberator, carried two swords signifying his total sovereignty over all spiritual and earthly matters, the next battle for our beloved Khalsa Panth will also have two forks. We have to fight the internal enemies and external enemies. These are not enemies we have chosen, (the Panth hates no one), but these people have chosen to be enemies and obstructions in the Khalsa’s mission. Our mission is simple, a Khalsa Raaj dedicated to providing freedom and access to basic provisions to every single person whilst spreading the beauty of our Jagat Guru.

Step one: Fight the current internal and external enemies.

Step two: Start doing the work of the Khalsa, thereby creating even more external enemies who will undoubtedly work to create internal enemies.

Verily did Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Patshah say that the Khalsa are those who will constantly do battle.

Step one then…well, our main external enemies are the 1% of India, who have conspired to subjugate and murder Sikhs in India, quite rightly seeing that the Khalsa will ultimately remove these elitist, nepotistic dynasties from power. What we need is to develop an independent mindset and recognise the real enemy. With that aim in mind and also taking note of the number of positive comments regarding the SICC, then we will do ardaas to Guru sahib to allow us the seva to help bring this to reality. We’ll be keeping you updated wit this.

On the internal side, our previous 3 posts under Spring Cleaning have made clear our views advocating serious reform of our gurdwaras. We must awaken as many of those who enter the Gurudwara and Guru sahib will make them agents for this upcoming Khalsa Raaj. These are not pipedreams, it is our birthright. Changing the Gurudwaras can be delivered now. It’s real change that is in our hands and achievable. And this change is achievable if we have clear rules for Unity and clear objectives. In our view, given the whole system is broken, instead of engaging in it, (ie Gurudwara politics) we need the Sangat, (all of us) to get involved and focus upon deliverables. To use an analogy all sevadaars would understand, we don’t need to argue about who goes on the langar committee, we need to start chopping veggies and making dough.
You’ve seen Occupy Wall Street and you’ve seen the Arab spring. How about a new global movement? So that in one year’s time we can say that we changed the face of the Panth. No more waiting for a better time, the time is now and the Panth is here, this is the time for the Khalsa Spring.

We need to take control of our Sikhi, not to have it led by clueless people. It’s time to Occupy Sikhi, time to Occupy our Gurudwaras. We need to unite as a Panth and get Sikhi, real Sikhi back into our Gurudwaras. We need to do this until as many of the following points on our suggested manifesto have been delivered.
If you believe that the time is now, that change has to come, we ask for your help. On the 6th of June, one week from now, go to your Gurudwara with as many copies of the leaflets above. One side, gives the reality of what Gurudwaras have mostly become, the other side is the manifesto. These should be the minimum demands for every major Gurudwara in our community. Lets put these up in every Gurudwara, give them out to each committee member, tell them that this is what we want, and that they are on notice. Please download and print many copies. You can normally get online printing shops to do this very cheap and post back to you.

Now, before you start thinking “Yeah right, thats going to work”, we’d like to announce our new project to the sangat. We’ve all used WikiPedia and SikhiWiki, and we’ve also heard of WikiLeaks. Well we’d like to introduce the sangat to SikhiLeaks. The concept is very simple, the transparency and accountability we need about our Gurdwaras is unlikely to be given voluntarily and joyfully. So in the absence of a carrot to offer our ‘leaders’ (we don’t think that “the sangat is asking for it” is enough for these guys) we thought a big stick might be in order. On SikhiLeaks, what we will set up is a profile of each Gurudwara, a list of its committee, granthees and their photos, a brief bio if possible, then the constitution of the Gurudwara and its financial situation and finally the election manifesto of each party currently in charge. Then it will simply be a case of knowing who is to blame for the Gurudwara committee not following the constitution and their own election pledges. Now funnily enough, a lot of this information is freely available around election time and also available to monitoring bodies like the charities commission in the UK. Once this information database builds up for each Gurudwara, we think that the committee will no longer be the nice cosy seat that it is at present. Thats good! The harder that seat is and the more uncomfortable, the more likely we are to get real sevadaars. People who do what they say and who have nothing to hide. Isn’t that the real thing at stake here, is what do these people have to hide?

Guru Piarey jio, with Guru’s grace, we will be building this website and working towards the SICC. The first Gurudwara we will tackle will be the biggest and most influential Gurudwara in the UK, where one committee controls two Gurdwaras! Can you guess who it is yet? We’ve got most of the information already but need your help.
How can you get involved? We urge you to rifle through all the papers and documents you have at home, on your email etc and leak them to us via our blog. We don’t want gossip or slander, merely the facts of the case and what these people themselves promised to deliver. We have faith in the sangat and in Vaheguru ji. The power of the people is greater than the people in power. Guru Kirpa kare, this revolution is true to their teachings and that it happens. Dhan Guru Hargobind Sahib bless us with his warrior spirit and the sharpness of two swords.

In the time honoured tradition of warrior ballads, we’d like to introduce our own to Occupy Sikhi and the Khalsa Spring. In Punjabi, Che is Six, and Barah is Twelve, so 6/6/12, is Che Che

Barah, Occupy your Gurdwara,

Che Che Barah, Occupy your Gurdwara,
Che Che Barah, Occupy your Gurdwara,
Che Che Barah, Occupy your Gurdwara,
This is the Khalsa Spring,
Open the doors or we’re kicking them in,
The lines have been drawn, the battle has begun,
Sorry we didn’t tell you, We’ve already won.
You’ve got only one choice, Give in, this time you cant win,
This battle is not ours, we fight for the king of kings.
We’re just trying to be Sikhs, Students…wanting to learn more,
Its basic skills that we seek, And this is the Guru’s door.
Che Che Barah, Occupy your Gurdwara,
Che Che Barah, Occupy your Gurdwara,

Rule No 1,
We dont want your titles or a place on your committee,
That system is broken, or should I say shitty,
We won’t legitimise it or seek your approval,
We’ve got our legitimacy, we are the people.

Rule No 2,
We’re not terrorists or religious fanatics,
Nor misguided youth or crazy drug-addicts,
You will try to incite violence, divide and defame,
We are the sane, the calm, repeating Gods name.

Rule No 3
The Gurudwara is not a country, It doesn’t need a president!
Why are you in charge? You aint setting precedents,
You never taught katha, santhia no kirtan,
Never saw you washing dishes or doing simran,
Never been a punj piara but call yourself a leader,
Its Sardari you want, you aint here to do our seva.
Che Che Barah, Occupy your Gurdwara,
Che Che Barah, Occupy your Gurdwara,
This movement has started, you’re warned fair and square,
We’re going to expose you, you thought we wouldn’t dare,
The Sangat will speak up now, we know that you’re scared,
We’re everywhere now, not just those with a beard.
So come on now, lets unite as a Panth,
Occupy our Sikhi, follow the Guru Granth,
This battle has begun, we’ll fight but not revenge,
We’re in Guru’s hands, your time is at an end.
Che Che Barah, Occupy your Gurdwara,
Che Che Barah, Occupy your Gurdwara,


Aug 18, 2010
World citizen!


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