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SciTech Now, A Pen That Can Read Quran!

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Now, a pen that can read Quran

Come Ramzan and Quran is the fastest moving product. But this time round, it is going to sell in a different format.

The Quran reading pen has hit the market here and more than a month before Ramzan is to begin, it is making waves here.

What is so special about it? Well, the pen can read any verse of the Quran loud and clear. All one has to do is to touch it on any page or verse and listen to the Arabic version.

One can also choose the voice of famous reciters such as Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, Abdul Baset Abdu Essmad, Ali Al Hudhaifi, Sa'd Al-Ghamidi.

This is not all. Translation of the Quran is also available just at the push of a button. You can go for English, German, Urdu, Persian and French versions.

In good demand

This Chinese product is in good demand at the chains of Himalaya Book store in the city. It comes with a copy of Quran printed in rich Uthmani font, a functional manual, ear phones, charger and a Tajweed Book — all at Rs. 3,750.

“For people who do not know the Arabic script, the pen is of great help. They can learn to read Quran in the right diction. Others can also improve their recitation,” says Abdul Momin, manager at the Himalaya Book store.

The Tajweed Book is an added attraction. With the help of the pen, one can learn to pronounce the Arabic alphabets with the right intonation.

The pen has a four GB memory with TF card option to extend it. There is also the recording option and a built-in speaker with USB port.

Interestingly, the pen can read only the accompanying Quran and Tajweed Book since it connects with the special ink used in the print.

For the devout, there is something new to look forward to this Ramzan.


source: http://www.siasat.com/english/news/now-pen-can-read-quran

The above item was shown / demonstrated today on Omni Punjabi News TV - Vancouver, B.C.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
HA..the SGPC will be very eager to Get their hands on THAT INK....then it may be possible to get the CHINESE to make a similar pen for the SGGS....( SGPC holds the Copyright to PRINT Sggs by Law in India )
Possible problems..
1. different jathas pronounce Gurbani DIFFERENTLY..just like the CHINESE WRITE in Mandarin but PRONOUNCE the same words differently..Can we SIKHS ever do THAT ??
SGGS is WRITTEN ONE WAY..but pronounced differently by different people !! So this PROBLEM will be well understood ONLY by the CHINESE !!
2. The SGGS is HUGE..compared to the Quaran...no SIKH will ever Carry around a copy of the SGGS the way the Koran is ...so the Sikh version of the pen will be used only in Gurdwaras or at home..not in buses or hotel rooms etc..


Feb 19, 2012
I thought this was not a news? I already knew that such pen existed :p

On a serious note though : I wish Muslims start understanding Qur'an , rather than just reading it .. :/

China has some 20 million + Muslims ... Do they have 'Chinese translation of Qur'an' ? Interesting ...

Chinese girls reading Qur'an ...