No Evidence Of Sikh Militants Operating From Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Update

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    Kuala Lumpur, Jul 29 : The Malaysian Police has rebutted Punjab Police accusations that the Sikh separatist group, Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF), has set up a base outside Kuala Lumpur.

    .There is no evidence to support a recent claim by Punjab Police that the KLF is operating from here, said a high-ranking police officer.

    "We can confirm there is no such group based here," said Federal Special Task Force (Operations and Counter Terrorism) director Commissioner Mohamed Fuzi Harun.

    He added the police kept close contact with their counterparts throughout the world to monitor militant activities, The Star reports.

    A Bernama report on Wednesday stated that Punjab Police believed that the KLF had set up base outside Kuala Lumpur, with at least four of its members hiding in Malaysia.

    Information on the KLF base in Malaysia was obtained following the arrest of a suspected militant in Punjab on Monday.

    The report stated that a 22-year-old arrested militant was linked to a series of bombings in the state early this year.

    Intelligence reports reveal he fled to Malaysia where he sought shelter from another wanted KLF militant who had been residing in Seremban for about a year.

    "They are using Malaysia to carry out their activities," said Patiala Senior Superintendent of Police Ranbir Singh Khatra.

    Intelligence agencies suspect Sikh militants based outside Punjab are preparing to create mayhem in New Delhi before the Commonwealth Games in October.
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