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1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Nine Gurdwaras Razed In 1984 Not Reconstructed, Say Sikh Organizations


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Nine gurdwaras razed in 1984 not reconstructed, say Sikh organisations

The All India Sikh Students' Federation (AISSF) and the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) have claimed to have identified at least nine sites in Delhi where gurdwaras were not reconstructed after they were razed by mobs during the November 1984 anti-Sikh carnage.


Talking to reporters on Tuesday, SFJ's chief legal counsel Navikiran Singh and AISSF president Karnail Singh Peermohammad said that 26 years after the massacre, they also discovered that at least 65 Sikhs were burnt alive at the Gurdwara Udaseen Taran Ashram in Block 22 of Nagloi colony of Delhi.

They released a list of 49 persons who were killed there. After playing a documentary film, they provided details about the nine sites where gurdwaras were razed.

They also pointed out that attempts were made to construct temples at some places, while idols and pictures of Hindu gods put up at others. At one such site, signs of Swastika were also painted. Most sites were now marked by dilapidated boundary walls, debris of burnt bricks and remains of some structures.

At many places, non-Sikh residents favoured reconstruction of the gurdwaras and restoration of normality.

Mr. Peermohammad chided the mainline Sikh leadership in the various factions of the Akali Dal, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) and the religious sects that organised Kar Sewa at large shrines for “ignoring” these small gurdwaras, which served the poor sections of the community.

He said that recently the DSGMC announced its decision to spend Rs. 57 crore on the renovation of the historic shrine Rakab Ganj, which according to him already was full of grandeur.

He said that the Kar Sewa sects were busy putting marble and gold-plated domes on the shrines where the managements were already flush with resources.


Mr. Navkiran pointed out that these shrines were also ignored when the Prime Minister's special package was announced in 2006 after the Nanavati Commission came out with the report for rehabilitating the November 1984 victims.

The Centre, SGPC, DSGMC and the Sikh sangat must be involved in restoring the shrines.

“It is not necessary that a shrine be reconstructed. At the vacant sites, let them put up a library, charitable hospital or anything that can be of common social use. But the memory of those who were killed on those spots should be maintained,” he said.

While these organisations would create public opinion, they would seek more information about similar sites in Delhi and other parts of the country that witnessed riots.

They would also write to the Union government and related authorities to ensure justice to these shrines as well, the leaders said.



1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
I am adding some information to take the measure of the enormity of the brutality.

Mass Grave of 65 Sikhs burnt alive in Delhi found after 26 years

Punjab Newsline Network
Tuesday, 12 April 2011
By Jaideep Mander
CHANDIGARH: The All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF), National 1984 Victims Justice & Welfare Society and Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) in a startling revelation have claimed to find a mass grave of 65 Sikhs burnt alive in Delhi.

This was revealed by the representatives of the three organizations in a press conference here. The mass grave of Sikhs killed in November 1984 has been discovered after 26 years at Gurudwara in 22 Block, Nagloi, No. 1, Delhi where more than sixty five (65) Sikhs alongwith the Granthi and Sri Guru Granth Sahib were burnt alive in November 1984. The site where Sikhs were burnt alive and killed is located in front of Gurudwara Udaseen Taran Asharm.

The Sikh Organizations also released a list of 49 Sikhs (who were burnt alive and killed) and 9 Gurudwaras of Nangloi, Sultanpuri, Kalyanpuri and Mangolpuri areas of Delhi that were burnt and now lie in debris.

Karnail Singh Peermohammad, President AISSF said that victims at Gurudwara Udaseen were targeted only because they were Sikhs.

Peermohammad blamed the DSGMC for having miserably failed to protect the Gurudwaras and to prosecute the attackers during past 26 years. He also accused the Sarna brothers who head the DSGMC of not filing a complaint against Kamal Nath for leading the attack on Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib and having constantly shielding Kamal Nath and Congress (I). As a matter of fact, no one till date was ever investigated, arrested or prosecuted for attacking the place of worship.

The startling discovery of mass grave of 65 Sikhs along with ruins of Gurudwaras in Delhi and ruins of Hondh-Chillar, Pataudi and Gurgaon is an irrefutable evidence that in November 1984, Sikhs were targeted and attacked in a systematic and identical manner throughout India, said Adv. Navkiran Singh, Chief Legal Counsel to SFJ.

Adv. Navkiran also told that in the relief package given by the Prime Minister though focus to benefit the victims and the families in terms of money, job securities etc. but nothing was offered by the government to re-establish the ruined Gurudwaras.

A documentary made by the AISSF on April 7, was projected that featured all the Gurudwaras discovered in their present state. Adv. Navkiran also told that the main purpose of the press conference was to draw the attention of the Sikhs all over the world aware of the present situation and to support the re-esatblishment of the holy places.

Peermohammad demanded a resignation from that the presidents of the DGPC and the SGPC on account of the deteriorated situation of the Gurudwaras. He also said that if nothing would be done by the Prabandhak Committes, they would start the renovation process on their own at their level with the help of Sikh sangat.

Adv. Navkiran appealed the government, the DGPC and the Sikhs to come forward to protect and rebuild the ruined places of worship so as to restore the secular fabric of the nation.

“We are not strictly asking to rebuild Gurudwaras, instead, any public place for common purpose of the people like public library, public school or any structure can be build that would be beneficial for people in the surrounding areas. But, if the places are left to deteriorate as they are, this would be a disrespect towards the sentiments of the people attached to these places”, said Adv. Navkiran.

Babu Singh Dukhia. President “National 1984 Victims Justice & Welfare Society” urged witnesses and survivors to come forward if they know of any hidden location where Sikhs were killed during November 1984. Babu Singh’s relentless efforts have brought forth the present discovery.

The 48 Sikh victims (out of 65) in Nangloi “Y” Block 1984 riots were identified as:
1. Amar Singh ( Y 507 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
2. Baldev Singh (Y 620 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
3. Baljeet Singh (Y 337 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
4. Darshan Singh (Y 11 & 12 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
5. Darshan Singh (Y 759 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
6. Gurcharan Singh (Y 717 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
7. Gurnam Singh (Y 805 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
8. Gurtakhat Singh (Y 740 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
9. Harbhajan Singh (Y 323 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
10. Harbhajan Singh (Y 465 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
11. Harbhajan Singh (Y 714 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
12. Hardeep Singh (Y 715 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
13. Harjit Singh (Y 638 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
14. Harpal Singh ( Y 620 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
15. Harpal Singh (Y 863 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
16. Inderjeet Singh (Y 861 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
17. Iqbal Singh (Y 885 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
18. Jaggi Singh ( JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
19. Jasbir Singh (Y 624 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
20. Jaspal Singh (Y 761 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
21. Jaswant Singh (JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
22. Karam Singh (Y 848 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
23. Karam Singh ( Y 783 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
24. Kartar Singh (Y 633 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
25. Kartar Singh (Y 777 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
26. Kesar Singh (Y 842 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
27. Kirpal Singh (Y 371 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
28. Kirpal Singh (Y 583 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
29. Kulwant Singh (Y 850 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
30. Laxman Singh (Y 624 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
31. Madan Singh (Y 582 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
32. Mohinder Singh (Y 686 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
33. Manmohan Singh (Y 983 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
34. Manohar Singh (Y 383 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
35. Mawa Singh (Y 799 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
36. Paramjit Singh (Y 899 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
37. Pratap Singh (Y 881 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
38. Pritam Singh (Y 715 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
39. Pritam Singh (Y 881 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
40. Rajinder Singh (Y 899 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
41. Ram Singh ( Y 583 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
42. Ratan Singh (Y 707 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
43. Saran Singh (Y 720 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
44. Saran Singh (Y870 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
45. Swaroop Singh (Y 33 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
46. Sher Singh (Y 646 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
47. Trilochan Singh (Y 873 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)
48. Trilok Singh (Y 367 JJ Colony, Nangloi, Delhi)

Following is the list of the discovered ruins of 9 Gurudwaras in Delhi:

1.Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, A-Block, Mangolpuri, Delhi (Only boundary wall exists. Attempts to change to Gurudwara to Mandir under way.)

2.Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, R-Block, Mangolpuri, Delhi (Only boundary wall with debris with burnt bricks.)

3.Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, S-Block, Mangolpuri, Delhi (Only boundary wall. Inside raized. Moorti of Ganesh has been put there.)

4.Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, U-Block, Mangolpuri, Delhi (Only boundary wall. Inside raized. Broken Thara of Nishan Sahib is still there. Moorti of Krishan and photos under the pipple tree.)

5.Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, F-Block, Mangolpuri, Delhi )Only boundary wall. Inside mostly raized with some debris. Swasitka signs have been drawn on the main entrance on both sides.)

6.Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, F-4, Sultanpuri, Delhi (Only boundary wall. Inside all raised except one room in the corner with leaking roof.)

7.Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, Jawalpuri, Delhi (Only boundary wall. Inside all raised except one kotha with tin roof. Burnt beams, chogaths, and pillars are still there.)

8.Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, 11/399 Kalyanpur, Delhi (New Gurudwara built on one side and remains of old building with burnt chogaths are still there.)

9.Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, A-4, Sultanpuri, Delhi (Boundary wall. Inside debris of old burnt Gurdwara and one new Gurudwara built in one corner with mud walls.)

Bibi Jagdish Kaur, one of the victims of anti-Sikh riots who lost her husband and son, in 1984 in Delhi,a prime witness in the case of mass murders against Congress Leader and former MP Sajjan Kumar was also present.


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
And Makkar is repeating ad nausem his call to...GET SARNA before the Akal takhat and EXCOMMUNICATE HIM !!

And the SGPC polls...Punjab Assembly polls round the corner...and what perfect timing to GET RID of SARNA and DELHI competition....

somehow the jigsaw puzzle is a bit difficult to get at....why NOW ?? What about the OTHER TOWNS..Kanpur..LUCKNOW..etc etc etc..Such Massacres took palce practially all over Hindi Belt of North India....ONLY DELHI is being exposed and so fast and furiously...

Its all POLITICS to me...SGPC with 500 kROR budget has already said..WE DONT HAVE ANY SPARE FUNDS TO HELP ANY 1984 widows..whatever...!!! DONT CALL US..we will "call" you ??? but all these exposes...???what gives ??? mighty suspicious...japposatnamwaheguru:


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Gyani ji

i understand what you are saying only too well! There is now a ground swell among various advocacy organizations to put their outrage on the table for action. Which is only right. But among that group we hear the call to get rid of Sarna. And some of are genuine in their outrage. But the alignments don't look right to me either. There is jockeying for position on the track... based sometimes on sincere motivation, and sometimes not...and I cannot unravel it either. One thing I learned long ago about politics. Be careful what you wish for. What follows Sarna could be worse. And it is horrendous to think that some are playing politics with the ashes of innocent victims. But should I be surprised? And who am I to ask? I just don't know.



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