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New Defines (Learning from Nature)


Nov 5, 2010
Human Intellactual limitation has surfaced with spread of virus. New Definetions are given by leaders.

Panademic are changing the thoughts and instructions to beings, as pre and post crona definetions are changing.

1. Developed Countries

Pre Panademic

Earlier Who have developed economies and infrastructure.


Those who adapted with Nature and worked along with instructions from Nature. Who ignored are yet developing countries.

1. Religion

Pre Covid

Religion and ritual masters influencing and surfaced a disillusion among masses.
Getting served by money, making social influences.Spiritual Eduaction and Service and Professional people feeding fake masters for there self interest.

Post Covid.

Religion and ritual masters are hiding, showing false display of powers, and exposing the false display of ignorance and disobedience for natural acts.

Spiritual Education and Sufacing Serving Community for the cause of Humanity, risking there own lifes and serving.

Pre Covid Clergy holds position for serving religious education. Uniform was attraction.

Post Covid

Service and awareness will be focus as one can get help from.serving society only.

Major transits in thought one can share experience of Changes and there Learning Experience from events of Nature.
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Nov 5, 2010

Pre Covid There was threat of pollution and budget for environment pollution control.

Post Covid

Nature self cleansing mechanisms if humans stop interfering with Nature.

This is good learning the same way our internal environment is spoiled, and if we lead a natural way for sometime, it can clean the internal system preventing us from dis ease naturally.

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