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Legal New CJI Justice S H Kapadia Scares Appellant . Disposes Cases In 47 Sec, Which Petitioners Compile

Mr. Indur Chugani wrote from Mumbai.

New CJI Justice S H Kapadia Scares Me ... Disposes cases in 47 Sec, Which Petitioners compile in Months.
Friday, May 14, 2010 at 5:27am

... What kind of Justice can a Judge provide, if he disposes your case in 47 Seconds, which petition may be 150-200 pages long & you drafted it with your Lawyer over a 1-2 month period, reading and correcting 10s of times... He supposedly goes through it , consults with 2 other judges ... And decides your Petitions fate... all in 47 Seconds ... Even a Superman might need more time.

I was happy to see CJI Justice Balakrishnan retire, I appeared once before him, he did not like my face and I did not like his. I tried explaining "I have spent Rs 14,000/- to come from Mumbai, for this hearing" ... He ignored me and in 2-3 seconds barked "Next".

(A Rogue Corrupt & Rotten Judge jailed me for 5 days in 2005---Indur Chhugani)

Rajneesh Madhok