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New Age Granthis Learning Gurmat Along With Linguistics


Jun 1, 2004
A New Breed of Granthis

In Guru Angad Dev Institute of Religious Studies, twenty five boys are all busy taking a crash course in English.

It is just a beginning. From next month, when these young boys sit down to study religious scriptures, they will also be learning either French, Spanish or German.

It is not a linguistics session in progress but with a view to migrating abroad, these new age granthis are not just picking up English and foreign languages but also dabbling away in computers to be better equipped to reach out and spread the Guru's teachings.

“We have to reach out to the young generations and moreover there are many gurdwaras in the diaspora where knowledge of English language and a foreign language plus computers will help us get a good placement,” says Gurpreet Singh, a young boy from Patiala.

Gurpreet says his initiation into religious studies was a natural progression as “our family is religious by nature and education in religious studies is something natural”.

For now, Gurpreet and others are planning to study French.
In countries like Canada and Europe, French is spoken. If we know this language, then we will be able to communicate with the people,” says Gurvinder Singh, another student at the guruwara.

“Majority of youth in Punjab want to go abroad, so why not equip oneself with the required tools. A job of granthi is much in demand overseas but mere knowledge of scriptures will not help us. We need to propagate Sikhism and even help the youngsters know what we are reading from the holy scriptures. This will be possible only if we can speak their language,” adds Gurpreet.

As for the religious studies, Baba Sewa Singh, the head of the Kaar Sewa which runs this institute, says, “The courses in religious studies are run completely free of cost. We provide education, training, clothes, lodging and food to the students. Former Jathedar Akal Takht, Joginder Singh ji, is the patron of this institute and he comes to teach the students three times a week. The students here are motivated to learn the scriptures, hold discussions on religion and are also taught comparative studies on various religions.”



1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
This is brilliant! It is continuing the heritage of our great Professor Sahib Singh, who was a professor of linguistics, and brought his vast understanding to his darpan. If only there was enough time to talk more about this article and Professor Sahib ji, and the gift of it all. :tablakudi:


Apr 25, 2006
Look at that Singh in the photo below... the way the light falls on his face. His eyes in darkness, closed, silent...

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