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USA Nevada Day: Beard Contest Draws Crowd Of Competitors


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
3 Singhs are finalists

It was a close match Saturday for the “Most Bearded Community” during the Nevada Day festivities, but Virginia City edged out Carson City 38 to 35.

Prior to the start of the contest, competitors gathered at the legislative amphitheater to compare facial hair and discuss their chances of winning.

Bob Steward, 62, of Carson City, said this was his first year entering the competition, even though he has been growing his beard for 40 years.

“I've been growing it pretty much ever since I got out of the Marine Corps,” he said. “I wanted to go for Best in Show, but I don't know if they have that one.”

Dave Mathiesen, 44, of Carson City, known by a close circle of friends as “Redbeard,” also was in it to win.

“I've been in this contest every year since the 70s. In 2008, I won Best Groomed; in 2007, I won second place for Best Groomed, and when it was red, I went for Reddest,” he said.

“My uncle used to look and see if there were enough prizes, and if there were, he'd enter.”

Bill Migan, 39, of Virginia City, said this was his 12th year entering the beard contest.

“I won first place for the reddest three times and the rest of the time, I won second place. I've been growing this for 12 years. One day I just got cheap on buying razors,” he said.

A group of Carson City Sikh men also gathered to enter the competition.

“We are Sikhs, and we keep our beards our whole lives,” said Malkiat S. Dhami.

Jaswinder S. Dhami said the group has competed for the past 15 years and explained why Sikhs have beards.

“Most of the Indian community here is Sikh,” Dhami said, “and you keep everything God has given you mostly all your life.”

Contest results

Reddest Beard
First: Jack Passion, Walnut Creek, Calif.
Second: Bill Migan, Virginia City
Third: Eric Klug, Carson City

Blackest Beard
First: Montana Albitre, Reno
Second: Jasbir Singh Sandhu, Carson City
Third: Harpreet Singh, Carson City

Whitest Beard
First: Mohinders Butler, Minden
Second: Malkiat S. Dhami, Carson City
Third: Johnnie Osborn, Carson City

Best Salt-and-Pepper Beard
First: Robert Gonzalez
Second: Dave Mathiesen, Carson City
Third: Bill Cox

Best Groomed Beard
First: Ralph Ewing, Dayton
Second: Montana Albitre, Reno
Third: Travis Stransky, Virginia City

Fullest Beard
First: Tim Graham
Second: John Bartlet
Third: Bob Steward, Carson City

Scruffiest Beard
First: Stink E, Virginia City
Second: Mitch Gower, Douglas County
Third: Lamar Baxla

Longest Beard
First: Aarne Bielefeldt, California:
26 inches
Second: Jack Passion, Reno: 24 inches
Third: Keith Alltizer, Minden: 18 inches
Most Bearded Community

First: Virginia City: 38
Second: Carson City: 35
Third: Douglas County: 2


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