Need Help Being A Sikh In Intercaste Marriage Quagmire


Apr 21, 2009
SSA to all members.

Ma name is Supreet Singh from Chandigarh India. I am IT Professional working in Chandigarh. Since i am working in a company from last 2.5 years. I liked a sikh girl working in my company as she is kind hearted, respect elders and she have faith in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and respect the religion. Don't cut hairs and a pure punjaban girl.
She is Sikh girl belongs to Bedi Sodi (Malhotra) educated family from Punjab.

After our two year true and pure related we decided to get marriage with each other as we had have understand each other very well on different matter and different levels.

I am belongs to a Ramgarhia family. Ma father and mother are not hardcore sikh. They had 'amrit sevan' many years back. But they are not preserving religious symbols.
Few months (approx. 1 year) back I told to ma mom n dad about the relation and my plan to get marriage with her. But ma mom is typically believing in JanamKundli.
They went to pandit and made mine and my friends(her) kundlies . According to Kundli, I am manglik. So as per pandit I have to merriage with manglik girl otherwise I will get divorced or another problems comes in marriage like of mine. Pundit told.

But on the other way her parents have blind faith in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. They don't believe in kundlies. But when her mom talked to ma parents, they refused the relation is us as ma dad don't wanna marry me to another cast girl and mom saying that pundit said bla bla bla.

I tried a lot to convey then that our religion and GGS teaching us to not believe in those pundits but they are not listening me. They are saying me that I am not blind in love.

Could you plz help me out to get rid this problem of kundlies and make ma parents a true faith in GGS and waheguru. I am very attached to her(ma friend) and can't leave her.
I believe in waheguru and GGS and the teachings of gurus and struggling against their non-religious thoughts.
Even I dont; wanna hurt ma parents but they are not on proper path.


Apr 4, 2005
Re: <b>Need you views<b>

Punjabi tiger ji

Welcome to SPN

My Advice to you is Do not leave Your GF because of this stupid kundli Thing even if you have to revolt against your parents


Feb 25, 2008
Re: <b>Need you views<b>

Pleas ask your parents, why people having Kundli -matched also get divorced, many examples like this are out there.If Kundli thing was true, there would be no divorce among Kundli believers. Check divorce number in Kundli-matched marriages. Also tell them to learn from Guru Nanak who never approved any thing these pundits-stuff.

Caste has no place in Nanak-panth, step over it bravely.
Your falling in love for each other is a Kundli, Waheguru made for you.