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Nearly Over

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    I think its nearly over, I think putting in the hours, although it became obsessive, seems to be paying off, although next week is going to be a hard week, although by its nature dealing with a hard week, and winning, makes things a constructive week, we will see.

    Sian has gone along with all this in her traditional unfazed manner, the only thing she puts her foot down on is the dogs getting a decent walk, other than that, I have not really seen her or the dogs for what seems like months, our only contact is her hand on my back at night when I get in, although that is more than enough,

    There are no funny stories, it is too busy for funny stories, too dare I say it ,serious? wow me serious, although I did take the boys out on my own today, which I knew would not be a good idea, it is very very muddy, and although Dan does not need to be on a lead, and Rory is not bad on a lead, Bran is a nightmare, true enough as dusk fell, everyone went into three seperate directions, I know Dan races towards a secret hill where he can do his business in peace, and I know Rory will be heading for a bush where there is a rabbit hole he seems rather fond of at the moment, and Bran will try and find Dan so he can nibble his ears whilst he desperately tries to poo in peace, anyway, I fond Dan and lost the other two, it took 30 mins to find Bran, whom I put on a lead, but we were in several inches of very wet mud, Bran saw Rory and leaped, what happened was akin to water skiing, I ended up sliding towards a tree, I did not want to let the lead go, as Bran would probably end up hanging from a tree, so I held on for dear life, headbutted the tree and ended up on the floor covered with mud, I had to walk Bran back halfway, tie him to a goalpost and then Rory came out, Sian pulled up just as I was walking back to the car, covered head to toe in mud, I dont think I have seen her laugh so much in a while,.
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