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Nanak's Khalsa

Nov 7, 2020
The exact date of the manifestation (or ratification to be more precise) of the Khalsa is believed to be Vaisaakhi 1698 as per 99% of 18th century sources. The inventor of the 1699 date was Giani Gian Singh whose Gurmukhi was either misinterpreted or maybe he deliberately misled the Sangat.

Vaisaakhi 1698 also marked 230 years since the birth of Guru Nanak in 1469. It was while observing the significance of the first Guru's birth that the tenth Guru decisively culminated the reason behind the establishment of Sikhi in the form of the Khalsa-the fraternity of Soldier-Saints dedicated to emancipating humanity.

So what happened? Why does the Khalsa lie obsolete today and why is Guru Gobind Singh and the Khalsa posited as being substance users? Did Guru Gobind Singh Ji really command the Khalsa to get high on opium as Kavi Santokh Singh reports? And did the Gurus, who lived the Khalsa lifestyle, really promise their Sikhs the favors of heavenly damsels as the 'Sikhaan Di Bhagat Mala' asserts? Or is there something we are missing here?


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