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UK Namdharis’ Chief Attacked In UK

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Namdharis’ chief attacked in UK

Monday, 12 August 2013 - PNS/Agencies - Chandigarh - Leicester (UK)

The head of Punjab-based Namdhari sect Thakur Uday Singh was attacked with a sharp edged weapon in a Gurdwara at Leicester in United Kingdom on Sunday morning.

The attacker, a non-Namdhari Sikh, has been arrested by the UK police, after he was nabbed by the sevadars (workers) of Gurudwara. When attacked, Uday Singh warded off the assault on his throat but received severe cut on his nose and is presently admitted in the hospital. The accused attacked Uday Singh with a gandasa (a traditional weapon primarily used in cultivation and farming) soon after the morning prayers. But fortunately, it was the reflex action that saved him.

However, the impact came on his nose and he was immediately rushed to the hospital where he received several stitches on his nose. It has been learnt that Thakur Uday Singh along with Mata Chand Kaur, the widow of previous Namdhari head Satguru Jagjit Singh, his son-in-law Jagtar Singh and several other Namdhari followers had gone to UK to convene a “Namdhari Darbar”.

The followers of Namdhari sect have placed Satguru Jagjit Singh’s “palki” in the darbars but Uday Singh and Mata Chand Kaur wanted to remove the palki that caused dissent in a large number of Namdhari followers who still consider Satguru Jagjit Singh as their spiritual head and have failed to acknowledge Uday Singh as their spiritual head.

The followers of Namdhari sect, also known as Kukas, believe in living Guru unlike mainstream Sikhs who consider the Guru Granth Sahib as their Guru. Following Satguru Jagjit Singh’s death in December 2012, the sect hit the headlines as a succession row between his nephews — Uday Singh and Dalip Singh — took place as he himself had no son of his own.

As Uday Singh was made the sect head, his brother Dalip Singh had been staking claim as the successor. Notably, the “politically influential” Namdhari sect has a considerable presence in Punjab and outside, making it a valuable vote bank wooed by all political parties. Considered close to the Congress from the days of Sikh militancy, the sect has been aggressively wooed by the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal. Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal has even made many visits to the sect headquarters at Bhaini Sahib in Ludhiana district on different occasions. The sect has also grown close ties with the Vishaw Hindu Parishad.

Who are Namdharis?

Namdharis (also known as Kukas) are members of a sect of Sikhism. The difference between Namdhari Sikhs and mainstream Sikhs is their belief in Jagjit Singh as their living Guru (as opposed to Guru Granth Sahib, the present guru of Sikhs). The followers of the sect are strict vegetarians, give equal importance to Guru Granth Sahib and the Dasam Granth, the holy book written by the 10th Sikh master, Guru Gobind Singh.

Their belief

Namdharis are recognised through their white homespun clothing and by their method of tying the turban horizontally across the forehead. Around their necks, they wear a white woolen cord (mala), woven as a series of 108 knots and serving as a rosary. Namdhari Sikhs have equal faith in all Sikh gurus.

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Namdhari sect chief was attacked by disciple’s nephew

Mohit Khanna/TNS

Ludhiana, August 12

The man who attacked Namdhari sect head Satguru Uday Singh with an axe during morning prayers at a Namdhari gurdwara at Leicester in England was also a Namdhari.

The assailant has been identified as Harjit Singh Toor, nephew of Sarwan Singh Namdhari in whose house the Satguru was reportedly staying along with Mata Chand Kaur.

While Surinder Singh Namdhari, vice-president of Namdhari Darbar in Bhaini Sahib, preferred to stay mum on the issue and maintained that the Leicester police has not yet released any details about the assailant, Navtej Singh, president of International Namdhari Sangat (the opposite faction led by Thakur Dalip Singh Namdhari) revealed shocking details about the incident.

He said Sarwan Singh is the chairman of the management committee of the gurdwara where the incident happened yesterday. “Soon after the attack, the dera was shifted from Sarwan's house in Leicester. The motive behind the attack is not clear yet," said Navtej Singh while condemning the attack. He demanded an independent probe into the incident.

Harjit Singh Toor, a banker by profession, has been involved in criminal incidents earlier, said Jaswinder Singh Namdhari, chairman of International Namdhari Sangat.

Navtej Singh said, “He (Surinder Singh) will not say anything on the issue as it would cause embarrassment to their faction. Sarwan Singh Namdhari is a kitchen cabinet man of Satguru Uday Singh. His nephew's involvement in the crime has shocked everyone.”

Sarwan Singh had reportedly offered a Rolls Royce to Satguru recently while Harjit was facing a financial crisis.

Surinder Singh Namdhari slammed Navtej's allegations as baseless.

In a move to bury the hatchet between the two warring Namdhari factions, Navtej Singh said that some external forces were conspiring to prevent the two brothers from coming together. "Satguru Uday Singh has been coronated head of the sect and Thakur Dalip Singh never wanted to be in the race. So there is no dispute. I believe that someone else is hatching a conspiracy to capture the supreme post of the Namdhari sect. It is time to weed out such elements," said Navtej.

Thakur Dalip Singh had reportedly visited England a few weeks ago. Navtej said Thakur Dalip Singh was presently visiting Spain.


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Of all these only the RADHA SOAMIS of BEAS have managed to keep it all "peaceful" fights over immense golucks and properties worth billions...the Namdharees and the Nanaksarees are always shooting each other..cant digest their illgotten gains ???

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