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General Namdhari Join Sikh Mainstream


Jun 1, 2004
AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab (September 14, 2015)—Taking a historical decision, Namdhari faction led by Thukur Dalip Singh on Sunday announced to join mainstream of Khalsa Panth in a religious function held at Pataka market here.

In the presence of various Sikh leaders, Thakur Dalip Singh wore full Sikh attire with kirpan and also asked his Namdhari followers to do so.

Addressing the function, he said Namdhari Sikhs are followers of maryada of Panj Kakars which was implemented by 10th Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh. He made it clear that during British regime, rulers imposed ban on wearing long Kirpan. In view of this, Baba Ram Singh asked Sikhs to keep minor kirpan along with ‘Kangha’ (wooden comb) so that maryada of Panj Kakars is not violated, he said.

“At present, there is no ban on it and Namdhari Sikhs are allowed to wear long Kirpan right from today. We believe in Sikh tenets firmly even today and we will start to follow Maryada of Khalsa Panth completely”, he added.

On the occasion, Thakur Dalip Singh placed the Kirpan on Namdhari Sikhs with his own hands.

SGPC member Bhai Manjit Singh said it is quite appreciable that Thakur Dalip Singh has taken steps towards panthik unity. He said portraits of Namdhari martyrs should be installed in central Sikh museum (Sri Darbar Sahib).

It is worth mentioning that the Namdhari sect remained an integeral part of Sikhs but after the death of Baba Ram Singh during British rule, the following heads parted ways with Sikh mainstream. They changed Sikh code of conduct also. They even refused to follow Guru Granth Sahib as ‘Guru’. After the death of Jagjit Singh two years ago, the sect divided into two factions over the headship of the sect. One faction was led by Uday Singh and other is led by Thakur Dalip Singh.

Brother Onam

Jul 11, 2012
This is the first I've heard of this, and I'm thankful for SPN for making me aware of it.
It's a very exciting development and I hope it is the beginning of a greater re-unification. I do hope, though, that the discussion goes well beyond the length of kirpan. I truly believe that both communities have so much to offer one another, and this could really enhance the power and fragrance of Sikh dharam, if we share freely.
For my money, I hope we find some peaceable resolution to the sticking-point of living Guru. If we can readjust our perceptions and nomenclature to bring this doctrine into the greater understanding of Guruship, there's no reason we can't all just move higher together as one! After all, what the world needs now desperately, is devout lions of Nanak, bringing his Naam in a unified way.
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